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Love Balls- as approved by Anastasia Steele

A German Sex Toy manufacturer has apparently reported a 300% increase in sales of love eggs, vagina balls, Ben-Wa balls thanks to the scene in 50 Shades of Grey where Anastasia Steele wears them for the first time. Page 362 if you’re interested.

Great for toning your kegel muscles, pop love balls inside your vagina and enjoy the unique sensations as you move around. Each balls is weighted inside with a smaller ball that produces minute vibrations as your body moves. The longer you wear them, the tighter your pelvic floor will become and the more pronounced the stimulation will become as they lightly shift inside you. Discreet and completely hidden you can wear these any time you like for solo pleasure (try them at the office- it definitely brightens up the day)

For beginners, we love the Soft Touch Orgasm Love Balls. Soft, simple and easy to insert, they’re a great way to find out if orgasm balls are for you.

Our Purple Delight Love Balls are a one-piece internal massager that can be inserted all in one go. Made from easy to clean silicone, the purple delight love balls are just as discreet as other love balls but are slight larger in circumference for that extra level of pleasure.

Finally, the Gold Vibro Duo Balls. Elegant and stylish; the gold vibro balls feature 4 individual balls instead of the usual two for a greater depth of stimulation.

You might want to start practising your best poker face now; we don’t want your massive smile revealing your naughty secret!

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