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Brand new Lelo Noa now in stock

Brand new from Lelo comes the Noa, the couples massager that’s worn during intercourse. With one end snuggling securely in her vagina, the larger end of the Noa rests against the clit for stimulation that travels not only to her sensitive nerve endings but also into the base of his cock.

Slim and smooth, the small end of the Noa is designed to fit closely into to the vaginal wall so the man can penetrate at the same time. So essentially with the Lelo Noa both partners get multiple areas of vibrating stimulation for enhanced lovemaking. What’s not to love?

Fully rechargeable by USB, the Lelo Noa is a high-end pleasure gadget that can also be worn by the woman during masturbation and has a range of vibration patterns and speeds so there’s bound to be one that does it for both of you.

The Lelo Noa sits comfortably between the man and the woman during sex with the thinner end inserted into her vagina while the larger stimulator sends vibrations to her clit and the base of his penis.

Powerful, silent and incredibly simple to use- the Lelo Noa is a stylish and low price couple’s massager that’s available in a range of colours and is a non-threatening and amazingly effective way to improve your sex life.







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