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Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads- What size is best for me? Mini or Regular?

Lovely Lelo have just released a new mini version of their popular Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads love balls range. “But why?” I hear you cry. Well, I shall explain. It’s really very simple. Whereas the original Lunas were 4.5 inches in circumference, the Mini Lunas are a whole inch smaller around but still boast the same muscle clenching weights (two 28g and two 37g balls per set)of their big sisters. Still confused? The smaller balls allow for easier insertion (obviously) but have been designed by Lelo for younger women or those who have never had children.



Size comparison of the Luna Pleasure Beads and the Mini Luna Pleasure Beads. The regulars are pink and the mini are blue in this photo, but whichever set you buy you’ll receive two blue and two pink.

Although the sizes are very subtle in difference women who have had children or are older than 30 will likely feel much more benefit from the regular size Luna balls as the slightly wider circumference provides a much more intense pelvic floor workout. Before those ladies without children over 30 get offended though, regardless of your sexual habits every single one of us will lose natural elasticity down there as we get older. It’s unavoidable. The new Mini beads with their smaller dimensions are much more suited to younger women and ensure that whatever your age and situation that you get the very best pelvic floor toning possible. Besides, the difference between the sizes is small and they come in the same colours, so no-one would ever know!

Working in exactly the same way as other ben wa or love balls, the weights inside the Mini Pleasure Beads knock against your vaginal walls causing your muscles to clench and tighten over time. The difference in size between the Mini and the regular sized Pleasure Beads is subtle (as shown in the picture) so just in the same way that you’d choose a different size tampon,  choose the right size Pleasure Beads for you and get the best possible kegel workout.

Just the same as the slightly larger regular beads, the Lelo Mini Pleasure balls are held together securely inside you by a white silicone girdle that allows you to mix and match the exact combination of weights you want to use. Not only all those features but the Luna pleasure beads are super simple to clean and maintain; wash them thoroughly with a sex toy cleaner or even remove them from the silicone girdle and pop them in the dishwasher!

If you’re still in any doubt as to what size is best suited to you, contact us on Facebook, Twitter, here on the blog or call our Customer Services team on 0800 311 2 511 (freephone)

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