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With ‘vibrator comedy’ (is that a genre? Well, it is now) Hysteria getting Cannes Film Festival in a bit of a froth we’re hoping that sexual gratification will once again become a doctor-recommended cure for the blues.

Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (we know you’ve seen her in BDSM thriller Secretary. If not, go see it immediately) the film centres around female hysteria and the true story of how a doctor found that a certain specific kind of pelvic massage suddenly makes all these poor suffering ladies rather…happy. Sadly the doctor starts to get a bit of a wrist cramp from all this massaging…et voilà the first vibrator is born. We thank you Dr Granville. Where would we be without sex toys?!

Personally I think I might be a little hysterical myself. Best put his treatment to the test.

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