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Clitoral Orgasm Vs G-Spot Orgasm – What’s the difference?

Is an orgasm just an orgasm?

Well technically speaking, yes. An orgasm is an intense sensation experienced in the pleasure centres of the brain and felt all over the body.

As I’m sure you’re all pleasantly aware, your genitals contain thousands of nerve endings, and when stimulated, signals are sent back to the brain and the stimulation is recognised as pleasurable. Having an orgasm will include a rush of dopamine, changes in emotion, changes in muscle tension; you will feel more relaxed, more trusting and less anxious. An orgasm can also remove feelings of pain. When chemically observed in the brain, an orgasm looks 95% similar to heroin use.

The World English Dictionary defines orgasm as;

— n

1. the most intense point during sexual excitement, characterized by extremely pleasurable sensations and in the male accompanied by ejaculation of semen

2. intense or violent excitement

So with that in mind, what is the difference between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm?

Well technically they’re the same phenomenon, but they can feel very different, both during and after orgasm. Generally speaking, a clitoral orgasm feels more intense, due to there being a higher concentration of nerve endings in a small area, where as a g-spot orgasm is meant to be more satisfying and leave you feeling more relaxed afterwards.

Sigmund Freud famously described the vaginal orgasm (the g-spot orgasm) as the mature orgasm, and the clitoral orgasm as the immature orgasm. Supposedly, when a woman reaches sexual maturity and is having sex with her husband, she transfers feelings of sexual pleasure from her clitoris to her vagina. Well, I think that’s ridiculous! Women of all ages can enjoy both clitoral and vaginal orgasms on a regular basis.

Ladies, I hope you’ve all experienced at least one of these orgasms, but you really should make it your mission to experience both! The clitoral orgasm is arguable the easiest to achieve as the clitoris is on the outside of the body and simple to find. You can stimulate it manually, ‘by hand’; you may have discovered it with an electric toothbrush as so many girls do, but however you do it, you really do need to start enjoying this wonderfully intense orgasm.

If you’re struggling to finish the job on your own, or want to take your pleasure to the next level then perhaps a sex toy is the best option. With a vibrator you are guaranteed much more vigorous stimulation than your wrist could ever provide.

The My Lovey Omy 7 Function Bullet is a mere 3.75 inches in total length, as you don’t need to insert the toy to stimulate your clitoris. This powerful device will deliver intense stimulation, so if you’ve ever struggled to achieve a clitoral orgasm with your hand, or your partner’s tongue, a bullet vibrator may be the perfect extra kick to take you over the edge into blissful climax!

You’ve heard of the rabbit, right? The ears of the Tickle Bunny Clitoral Stimulator sit either side of your clitoris to provide just the right amount of intensity, so this nifty little device may be just what you’re looking for to experience that sweet release!



So what about the g-spot? Well, that’s a little trickier! The g-spot can be located a couple of inches inside the vagina on the front wall. You can find it by hand if you insert a couple of fingers, but the easiest way to locate it is with an ‘angled’ sex toy.

The Rocks Off RO G-Spot 10 Speed Vibrator is a discreet and powerful toy which has been specially designed to reach your g-spot. The angled head means you can find that pleasure zone, then lie back as the climactic feeling builds and builds.

Another great g-spot vibe to try is the Bliss 10 Speed G-Spot Vibrator. With a long shaft and tilted end, this toy will hunt out your g-spot and help you discover new realms of pleasure.


So now we’ve looked at both the clitoral orgasm and the g-spot orgasm, but which is the ‘best’ orgasm a girl can have? Honestly, the one where both your clitoris and g-spot are stimulated!

This G-Spot Hunter Rabbit will tickle your clitoris as your g-spot is massaged for a truly sensational feeling. It is actually much easier to have a g-spot orgasm if you stimulate your clitoris first, or simultaneously, to build sexual arousal.

But if you want the crème de la crème, the vibrator that will make you feel something more intense and more pleasurable than ever before, you need the Lelo Ina 2 Rabbit Vibrator. This vibe is made from a lusciously soft medical grade silicone which will feel divine against your skin. The control allows you to chose whether you want just the clit stim or the head to vibrate, or both, and to what intensity and in which ‘wave’ pattern. This vibrator is truly exceptional.


And what if you’re not looking to fly solo? What if your partner is feeling left out? Well there are sex toys for couples that can help you combine clitoral and vaginal stimulation for unbelievable sex!

The Taboom Vibrating Couples Ring is designed to be worn by the man during sex to restrict blood flow and give him longer-lasting, harder erections. The cock ring also features a bullet vibrator and a clitoral stimulator so you can enjoy internal and clitoral pleasure at the same time.

However, if you’re looking for a product a little more advanced which is guaranteed to stimulate your clitoris and g-spot during sex, try the new and innovative Lelo Ida Couples Massager. This toy is designed to be warn during sex and comes with all the luxuries you can expect when purchasing a Lelo product. The toy not only vibrates but rotates for maximum stimulation, and can be controlled easily with a wireless remote.

So how are we feeling now? A little less confused about your body (or girlfriend’s body)? A little more eager to get into the bedroom and lock the door? Honestly, after decades of research, scientists are still not quite sure how the female anatomy works, but at least you can have a lot of fun trying to figure it out!

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