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Your First Sex Toy

One of the hardest choices people make when starting out with sex toys is what toy to try out first. Often it can be a make or break situation. If your first vibrator doesn’t do anything for you then you may well write off sex toys all together! That is why the first purchase is so critical.

The first step is to really think about what type of toy you would like to experience. Just because Rabbit vibrators are one of the most talked about toys, doesn’t mean that they are the vibrators for you.


When you fantasise about sex toys, what is it that first comes to mind? Are you looking for something to use alone? Are you keen on anal stimulation? Do you love the idea of something rock hard or flexible? Do you want to find something to use with a partner? Vibrating or non-vibrating?

Once you’ve really thought about what type of stimulation you’re looking for then the search is significantly narrowed. Then you need to decide on your budget. If you’ve never used a sex toy before then it is unlikely that you are willing to splash out on a high end vibe. But remember, like with all things, the higher the price the better the quality and the likelier it is that you will enjoy yourself.

So what are the Bondara recommendations when it comes to that first sexy buy?


Cock rings are a really great toy to start out with if you are looking for something to enjoy with your partner. They come in both vibrating and non-vibrating varieties and will not feel to intrusive in the bedroom.


Simply slip the cock ring onto the base of the penis and once you have an erection the ring will work to keep you harder and larger for longer. This alone is likely to pleasure your partner, but with added vibrations there are even more stimulations for you both to enjoy.

Solid cock rings are a little more advance, so we would recommend a stretchy ring to start off with.


Enjoyed by men and women, dildos are a classic toy that can be highly realistic or more abstract in design. Material is important as it will determine the overall feel and stimulation you receive. Luckily there are loads of choices including smooth silicone, real feel PU that is ultra realistic or rock hard glass or metal.


Silicone is a good middle ground between plush and solid, so for a first timer a good quality silicone dildo is usually a winner.


Pretty much every available sex toy also comes with vibrations. You can have vibrating cock rings, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, bullet vibes, massagers, the list goes on.


What vibrator you choose is ultimately based on what sort of stimulation you most enjoy or want enhancing. There are the classics such as the rabbit vibrator that is ideal for female masturbation as it hits all those sensitive female spots; however for a couple we would recommend a massaging wand.


Ideal for adding that extra stimulation to massage play and foreplay, massage wands are a great first time toy for couples to enjoy or for great clitoral masturbation.


If your interests involve anal play then you might be nervous about which toy to try first. It is usually the size of the toys that confuses first time buyers. If you haven’t experienced anal play before then it can be tricky to know what size is right for you.

As with anything, it is best to start slow. So out of the most common anal toys (plugs, dildos, beads and more) we would recommend a set of tapered anal beads as a good first purchase.


The benefits of beads include tapered sizes so you can build up to larger circumferences gently and safely, they are often worn during sex or masturbation so the whole focus doesn’t have to be on the anal play first time around, and they are great for providing an inner massaging effect for added pleasure.


If you’re a man who wants to see what the iconic male masturbator has to offer then we have several tips for your first buy.


Are you a visual person or do you enjoy using your imagination? Are you looking for a toy to use just once to try or for a toy that you can keep for longer? Many masturbators have realistic forms and will simulate real sex with the inner textures and suction effects; however there are also more abstract and unique shapes available too.

For a first time buy, if you are unsure about whether a masturbator would work for you, then a smaller and more disposable masturbator is ideal.


There are so many different toys available, all geared to making you feel good. So if you have a bad experience with one toy, don’t write off all other future toys. There are plenty more kinky fish in the sea! And we haven’t even got started on Bondage gear!

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