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Ways to score during the World Cup!

If your partner is a huge football fan then you are probably expecting a lack of sexual attention during this year’s World Cup season. But hope is not completely lost! If you can’t drag them away from the football, then why not bring football into the bedroom? Here are a few fun ideas to help you score during the World Cup.

First things first, why not dress up for the occasion? Just slip on a sexy football outfit and show off your team colours whilst looking drop dead gorgeous. This is sure to get you some much craved attention! In a sexy football kit you will be warmed up and ready for the big game in no time. Just remember to get the team colours right…

How about a half time quickie! Half time in football usually lasts about 15 minutes so make it into a kinky challenge (and if you’re wearing one of your sexy football uniforms it won’t take long to get things going). This could pose a problem if his/her team is doing badly, but with determination and perseverance I’m sure you can find a sexy way to cheer them up!

Much like a drinking game you could make some kinky rules up for when you’re watching the football. A kiss for every goal, a spank for every penalty, a nipple tweak for every time a player rolls around clutching his knee… you get the idea. If this is what every match is like, then it will be them dragging you away from the TV, not the other way around.

Talking about sex games, how about giving out red cards and yellow cards when you feel your lack of sexual attention is getting ridiculous. A yellow card could be for those minor offences (they won’t stop shouting at the TV) and a red card for those serious incidents (they haven’t turned their eyes away from the screen in over 24 hours). Why not agree that for a yellow card they will owe you a hand job and for a red card they have to give you an orgasm in any way you choose. You make up the rules and you enjoy the benefits!

Desperate times call for desperate measures but it just might work. Why not grab his attention away from the screen with a different kind of brazilian! Show off your freshly waxed look with some sexy crotchless panties and suddenly the Brazilians in Rio won’t seem half as interesting.

Maybe you could entice them away with talk of scoring a hat trick in the sack. Three delicious orgasms one after the other, why would anyone turn that down! It won’t matter how the players on the pitch are doing when you are both scoring so well in the bedroom!

If none of these tips manage to do the trick then you could always invest in a moulding kit or a Fleshlight. Just because your partner is glued to the sofa, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the empty bed. These are just a few of our sexy tips and tricks, but we want to hear about your ideas. Get creative and leave us a comment about how you will bring football into the bedroom this summer!

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