Wax Play

The act of dripping hot wax onto the skin is something we have all probably done, whether by accident, for pleasure or from sheer curiosity.


Hot wax has a certain allure to it. It is thick, smooth, luxurious is it’s consistency and fascinating as it touches the skin and immediately begins to cool and harden. So many people will admit that they love pouring wax on the skin when they have a candle lit, so why should you have to wait until you next set of birthday candles to enjoy this sensation.

Bondage Wax takes this enjoyable sensation and uses it as a stimulant in the bedroom. Although it is often portrayed as an extreme sexual activity in films and literature, and in truth it can be pushed to the extreme in some cases, it can also be a romantic, indulgent and warming way to experience foreplay.


For beginners who are curious but want to start out slow, or for those who don’t enjoy restraint or domination play, why not try dimming the lights, lighting a few candles and experimenting with the sensation of the wax in different areas. As with all temperature related activities, the wax will bring more blood to the surface of the skin for enhanced sensitivity.

If you are a bondage fan and you do want to push your boundaries, wax can be a pleasurable torture to inflict on a submissive as they are tied up. In fact, Japanese Rope Bondage is often paired with wax play as two extremes of both restraint and sensation play.


We are so excited to be offering a range of luxury candles from The Bondage Man, an expert brand in the field of bondage wax play and a provider of some seriously high quality candles. These Bondage candles, unlike your run of the mill tea light candles, are made with environmentally and skin friendly soya wax and botanical oils. The burning temperature is slightly lower as well, making them a lot safer and reducing the risk of burning the skin.


The Bondage Man recommends that when starting out with using wax, you test on the skin first in case of allergies from the soya bean wax and drip the wax from a distance of 30cm so you can get comfortable with the technique and sensation. After that you can move onto smaller distances for a warmer and more stinging sensation.

With the vivid collection of colours that we are offering, you can enjoy creating stunning wax designs on the skin in addition to the shiver inducing stimulations. You can even play with some stunning UV colours. To remove, why not experiment further by using a cold spoon or blunt knife to lift off the wax and add another temperature delight to your experience.


If you would like to browse our bondage candle collection then click here.

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