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Valentine’s Day – Are You Prepared?


With just a few days until Valentine’s Day, which this year falls on a Friday (awesome!) it’s time to ask, are you ready? Gifts bought? Restaurant booked? Back waxed?

Firstly, are you planning on going out or staying in?

Going out

If you’re going out and haven’t booked a table, book one now! Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest nights of the year for restaurants with people booking more than a month in advance. Many chefs prepare set menus to meet demands, so reserve your table and check you like what they’re serving.

When choosing a restaurant for such a romantic night, you may also want to consider other details such as atmosphere; candles and relaxing music rather than UV lights and screaming children. What about the cuisine? If this is a first or second date, make sure she likes spicy food before you blow her head off with a Vindaloo.

Staying in

Whether you’re doing romance on a budget, love showing off your culinary skills or simply don’t want there to be a taxi journey between you and the bedroom, there’s no reason why staying in can’t be just as romantic as going out.

Once again, be prepared! Find the perfect three course meal, familiarise yourself with the recipe and buy all of the ingredients in time for your evening. It may even be worth having a trial run before your hot date arrives – nobody wants a burnt lasagne and a floppy sponge cake. You could always do a Samantha Jones and decorate your naked body with home made sushi, or play naked chef with some squirty cream and chocolate body paint (you can’t have that sort of fun in Pizza Express!)


You could try and recreate the mood of a gourmet restaurant at home; dim the lights, give the kids to a babysitter, put one some slow tempo music and prepare to give silver service. Gentlemen it may be nice to play the part of a butler in these very sexy tuxedo boxers.


Planning to watch a movie?

A Rom-Com is always a great idea for Valentine’s! Why no see “That Awkward Moment” with Zac Effron which is currently showing in cinemas, or if you want something even more light-hearted the Lego Movie comes out on February 14th  ; just don’t be the date who hogs the popcorn!

If you’re staying in, Cosmo published a list of the sexiest moves of all time, which included Dirty Dancing, Crazy Stupid Love, Pretty Woman and Ghost… personally, I’d skip the movie 😉


The bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a place of romance by scattering a handful of red rose petals on the bed and lighting some scented candles. You could also place a few of those candles around the bath tub and have a hot and steamy soak with your partner – don’t forget the champagne and strawberries!


On to lingerie…

Whether you’re showing a little or a lot; lace, silk, feathers, mesh… ladies, he’s going to love it. Red being the colour of love you may want to slip into something red and raunchy to really get him hot.

Some Like It Hot Chemise

Red Oriental Chemise

Naughty Knot

Red Heart Sexy Thong

Red and Black Lace Corset

Gentlemen, if you’re the one buying the lingerie for her, make sure you have a good idea of her size and style so your night is more epic than awkward.

And what should you wear guys? Maybe something she can rip off…

Hustler Fundies Red Rip Off Briefs

Or something she can really get her teeth into…

Lovers Posing Pouch


And finally, gifts! Essential for the lovely lady, but also a lot of fun for the fellas, gifts at Bondara aren’t just great to unwrap but enjoyable all night long. If you’d like to make foreplay extra sensual we have a wide range of massage oils and massage wands… then of course sex toys galore including luxury toys for couples.

Gifts for Her

Adora Luxury Silicone Massager

Ultimate Metallic 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator

Hanky Spank Vibrating Thong


Gifts for Him

Taboom Vibrating Couples Ring

Rocks Off Butt Quiver 7 Speed Butt Plug

Dickie Bow


Valentines Gift Bundles

Bargain Valentine’s Day Couple’s Bundle

Classic Valentine’s Day Couple’s Bundle

Luxury Valentine’s Day Couple’s Bundle


If you’ve got this dated ringed with a red heart on your calendar, you may feel under pressure to put in your best performance and give your partner an experience they’ll never forget, but after a few glasses of wine you’ll soon remember that really it’s all just about having a great time and enjoying intimacy with the one you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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