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Top 4 Hottest Tennis Players

So, the finals of Wimbledon is upon us! We are tickled with excitement – especially when it comes to watching fit men and women grunting and wearing very skimpy outfits. You may not realise the sexiness that the sport tennis can bring, so we’re here to show you. Below is a line-up of what we think are four of the hottest tennis players around. Sit back, put on Wimbledon, relax and enjoy.

Rafael Nadal


The best of both worlds – he can work that court and get his sweat on in those skimpy little shorts, but by night he’s suited and booted. Close your mouth ladies!


Anna Ivanovic


Her on the court play may have fallen off lately, but she is still deserving of a spot in our smash worthy rankings.


Novak Djokovic


Fun fact – Apparently, he only drinks his water warm. You knew he’d hit the list, so here he is. The man himself!

Serena Williams


Yep, start feeling intimidated. This gorgeous woman is one of a kind. Can we just say #bodygoals – killing it as always Serena.

So maybe instead of watching football this weekend, you might have a change of heart and switch on the tennis – find those archives, and book in for next year! Get some of that live action. They’ll be even more incredible in person.



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