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Why to Stay in this New Year’s Eve ;)

So Christmas is over, the bank account and the waist line have taken a hammering and you’re still a little hungover from the festivities of the week. 2013 is drawing to an end, and you’re determined to see it out in style… but here’s why you should be staying in to celebrate, rather than going out.

1, It’s crowded

You remember last year, and the year before that, when you were stood at the bar for 40 minutes waiting to order overpriced drinks; desperately attempting to make eye contact with the barman who you’re sure was ignoring you on purpose. When you eventually buy a round of drinks your next few steps become a balancing act, using all of your fingers to hold 4 plastic beer cups above your head as you squeeze through the crowd, taking a couple of elbow-jabs to the ribs as you go.

So ask yourself, would you rather be in a bar pushed up against this guy;

beer belly

…or rolling around beneath the sheets with your partner?

2, It’s cold

Bare legs don’t look quite as sexy when they’re pink and pimply with quivering knees. You’ve been queuing around the block in the cold and drizzle, to pay £15 entry for a nightclub, in which you’re going to repeat point 1. After a second ungracious skid on black ice in the outrageously high stilettos you already regret buying, you start to question why you came out tonight.

So rather than standing in line, try stripping off in the warm, pouring a refreshing glass of champagne and enjoying a raunchy couple’s game, such as Monogamy.

3, The wrong type of hair pulling.

Now ‘that friend’ is on her knees with her head hanging limply in the toilet bowl and you’re on hair-holding duty. Her makeup is ruined, your shoes have seen better days and you clearly remember telling her that mixing red wine with tequila was a bad idea.

Now all you can do is stand and think about how you’d rather be at home as he playfully pulls your hair whilst making hot, impassioned love to you.


4, A hangover on your day off work

A glorious oasis in the middle of the working week, this year new year’s day falls on a Wednesday so you can turn off your alarm, wrap your arms around your partner and have an amazing morning of sleep, spooning and sex… or you can wake up with a banging headache, a tongue like the Sahara desert and a half eaten slice of pizza stuck to your cheek.

We say, make the most of your day off and spend it energised and satisfied, rather than groggy and nauseous.



More than anything else, going out on New Year’s Eve is so expensive! The taxis are three times the price, the drinks cost a fortune and if you want to go anywhere half decent you probably have to pay just to walk through the door.

Let’s take a look at what New Year’s Eve could cost you;

  • New outfit – £70
  • Casual drinks – £30
  • Club entry fee – £25
  • 2 glasses of champagne at midnight – £16
  • Cocktails – £45
  • Shots – £10
  • Kebab and chips – £4
  • Taxi – £40

Spending something in the region of £200 is not unusual on New Year’s Eve, but here’s a few treats that you could be spending your money on that you can use again and again;

Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set – £118.90

Seven Til Midnight, Midngiht Affair Lace Cami – £27.99

Bondara Luxury Lubricant – £7.99

Bodywand Magic Vibrator with UK Plug – £59.99

Seven Til Midnight Absinthe Bra Set – £27.90

Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads – £32.95


Well, however you spend it, we hope you have a very happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2014!

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