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Sexy New Year’s Resolutions


Have an orgasm every day in January.

Having an orgasm can lift your mood, relieve stress, help you sleep and make you feel amazing; what’s not to love? So this year to help you get though the long, dark month that is January, why not make a promise to yourself that you’ll have an orgasm every day for one month. As well as feeling refreshed and energised you should see an improvement in your everyday life, so you may not want to quit come January 31st. This enjoyable pastime can even be a part of that post-Christmas workout regime!

Mix it up a bit!

Be adventurous with your sexuality and enjoy pleasure in new and unexpected locations. Why not try a bit of solo fun in the shower at the gym, or close the blinds and have a play in your office at work. Your sex life may have gotten tired over time or masturbation may now be a chore, but by taking your sexual play out of your comfort zone and introducing the thrill of perhaps getting caught, or being in ‘taboo’ surroundings, you’ll make this a very exciting new year.

Hide a naughty secret.

Feel more alluring and confident in your day to day life by wearing something sexy under your clothes. As you strut into the office looking chic and demure, you’ll feel a naughty thrill knowing you’re wearing red crotchless knickers under you black pencil skirt. So whether you want to feel a little cheeky a few days a week or just once a month, this in a new year’s resolution may be one fun enough to stick to.

Try something a little more kinky.

Try straying from the ordinary and delving into the dark and thrilling world of BDSM. When your activities in the bedroom become a little more risqué, it’s up to you to set the boundaries… perhaps adding a little pain to your pleasure? You can dabble with silk scarves, feather ticklers and a light spanking, or you can take things to the extreme and try out bondage rope, a ball gag and spanking cane. You may love it or hate it, but you’ll never know until you try it in 2014.

Enjoy a new sexual encounter.

Whether it’s a hot one night stand or a naughty night of role play with your partner, looking for a sexy new rendezvous should definitely be in your plans for 2014. If you’re free and single, allowed yourself to have a little no-strings, no-guilt fun; you’re only here once! Be that a kiss with a handsome stranger on a night out or a week-long holiday romance in the sun, a hot encounter would make for a very happy new year. If you’re in a relationship why not partake in a little flirtatious role play, you can have as much fun as your imagination allows.

What ever you plan to do in 2014, we hope you have a great one!

Happy New Year xx

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