Squirt your way to happiness

I know what you’re thinking already! Is female ejaculation (FE) really a thing?

Yes, I know, a little corporate! But yes, squirting is a real life phenomenon. Its real, and I’m going to let you in on a secret. You can squirt. Yep, you heard me right. You, ladies, can join the no-longer elite few and become a squirter.

Every woman is capable of experiencing FE! Don’t doubt me just yet, because, trust me, it is so worth the experience. It takes your orgasm to an extraordinary level of pleasure.

Now this is going to seem simple, but as a woman, you’ll know it’s not…

The answer is openness.

You have to let yourself be completely open and trusting to yourself and your sexual partner. You have to trust that together you can both hold you and see you through a mountain of orgasms. Yep, you got it, it’s all about you this time round.55224265

It may take you a multitude of orgasms to even get to the point of opening up enough to let yourself get completely immersed in the raw sexual feeling of FE. But don’t let this scare you off. You have to be patient, and you have to really want it.

Now, this may not be you, you may be a through and through squirter, and if that is you, well, honey, I bow down to you.

But for all us less fortunate ladies what you need is openness. Regardless of everything, you must remain open and ready. You have to invite the FE in before it will give up the goods.

Basically, clear all your shit up, everything. Get rid of your baggage! I’m not saying you will be able to fix it all, but come to terms with it enough to let yourself relax and be open.


Note to self: They can be scary

So here’s the problem… I honestly believe that those real, fist clenching, spine tingling, screaming, powerful orgasms, can be scary. Especially the first few times we experience them. They are so huge and so overwhelming, that sometimes, for a split second we consider stopping. But here’s my advice, don’t! Don’t you dare!

That’s how you get there! That’s how you reach that tantalizing, knock-out (sometimes literally) FE, and then you’re in trouble, because you’ll never want to go back.


So there it is ladies, now you know the secret. Take off those clothes, throw that baggage away and get to it.

L xo

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