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Shower Sex: It’s Better When It’s Wetter

Why Have Sex In The Shower?

It’s something we have all done, or all imagined doing, but have you done it right? Here’s a play by play of the perfect sex scene in the shower and why you should do it wetter.

It’s hot. Let’s face it. From the warm water, to your soapy bodies and slippery hands, sliding all over each other, it just couldn’t get any hotter! So here’s how you do it right.


Add Some Buzz

Toy glorious toys! You heard me! Why do you think waterproof toys were invented? Yep, that’s right, for this exact reason. So why not grab yourself a waterproof vibrator, clit-stim, or a cock-ring. There are so many options, why not get more than one and really add to the wetness. Check out our waterproof toy collection if you need some inspiration.

Showers are for cleaning, but who says you can’t get down and dirty? Not me, so why not lather up and play around with some deliciously scented shower gels, and really light up your senses.

If you don’t have a greatly spacious shower, why not just get things started in there. With your hands all over each other, hearts racing and with the added pleasure of the shower head, it’s a great place to start. Plus, you’ll be squeaky clean for any further fun you have!


I bet you have under-estimated the power of a shower head. Well why not make yourself familiar with it. If you have a detachable shower head, you’re in luck, and if you have a shower head that has different power speeds, then my friend, you’re even luckier. Why not aim it at your clit and let the sensation take you to the edge. You’ll never want to go back!

Watch Out!

Shower Gel and Soap! Unless you’re really into ‘No More Tears’, be careful when bubbling each other up and playing around with soaps in the shower. One drop in your eye could really throw off the whole mood.


A side note to add – soaps can make everything super slippery (not just your bodies) so take it slow and try not to fall in the tub, it’s not the most graceful thing.

Water Lubrication is a no no! Don’t bother thinking a bit of water will lube you right up. It won’t, it will cause more pain than pleasure, so be sure to have some silicone lube ready (that doesn’t wash away unless you use soap), or go Au-natural and just use your mouth.

Make sure you’re positioned so you’re not being drowned by the shower stream. It’s not the greatest turn on (unless you’re really into that). Aim the shower head onto your bodies rather than your head and you’ll be much better off.


The faucet is one of those annoying things that is always placed in the most stupid place so it pokes you in the back or leg or anywhere uncomfortable. Just watch out for it and remember it changes temperature! Unless you’re really into temperature play, stay clear of the taps.

Shower Sex Positions

Standing Doggy


In this position, the receiving partner bends over and grips onto either the tub or the wall (anything you can get your hands on). Make sure you’re in the stream of the water so you don’t get cold and have fun!



If you have a nice, spacious shower then this position will be a great alternative if you’re worried about slipping over. This position is intimate and sexy and will get your heart racing.

Ballet Dancer


The receiving partner leans against the wall and lifts their leg up into your arm, you then have complete control and can go as fast or as slow as you desire. Be sure to stay in stream of the shower, to keep your bodies wet at all times.

That’s all for now! Go get wet and wild.

L xo



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