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Quiet Guys

So you’ve had a mind blowing fuck and feel completely satisfied, but there’s one thing that is bugging you… he was quiet, too quiet. Well it’s about time you shut your mind up and stop worrying. Not everyone enjoys sex in the same verbal way you might (even if you’re not majorly verbal). A lot of people don’t shout and scream and express their enjoyment with moans and groans. This is something that shouldn’t dishearten you because I’m pretty sure he enjoyed himself more than you think!

Some ways to look out for his pleasure

He gets it up quickly, easily and often! You go girl! It seems an obvious observation to make, but the penis literally functions as a meter of enjoyment, so use it. If he’s hard for you and pushing his junk up against you at all hours of the night, you know he wants you, you know he is turned on by you. He must enjoy your sex.

He clenches his hands and feet! You watch out for those fist clenching orgasms, because trust me, it’s not just us girls who get them! If his teeth are clenched and his muscles are tensed, this is probably a sign that he can’t hold on for much longer… that’s right, you did it!

He has wandering eyes! By this, I mean, they roll back or he squeezes his eyes shut, or he cant keep his eyes off your body. He is looking at every part of you, all over. You got it, he is so turned on by you, he can’t keep his eyes off you.

He actually tells you he enjoys it!  Ladies, stop overthinking it all and accept his words, because if you don’t you won’t get many more words from him. What you get you should appreciate if he isn’t very vocal. So take it, and take it to mean exactly what he said. He enjoyed it! You rocked!

Just because a man isn’t boisterous or because he doesn’t say (or moan) the things you want him to say, when you want to hear them, doesn’t mean he is not emotionally or sexually switched on.  He’s probably just speaking with his body, and honey, it’s our job to listen.


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