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How to Introduce Sex Toys to the Bedroom

Let’s talk about sex toys. We’ve built our business on these bad boys, so there’s no denying that we love them! They make masturbation a little less lonely, a whole lot more exciting and our climaxes so much more intense.

However, to share or not to share? The step from solo play to shared pleasure can be daunting and it’s not always easy to know how to introduce sex toys to the bedroom.

Some toys are simply better suited for masturbation (rabbits and masturbators, we’re looking at you). So, keep your favourite dildo tucked away in the drawer and check out these following toys, perfect for couples play…

Bullet Vibrators

Shoot for the stars as you introduce one of these small, discreet vibrators to the bedroom. Bullets are incredibly easy to use and won’t get in the way of your normal play – they’re there to enhance your pleasure, not replace it!  

Bullets can be enjoyed by anyone. On men, you can use your bullet while performing oral; hold it against the underside or tip of the penis or even on his balls. On women, clits and bullets are a match made in heaven. If you’d rather focus the vibrations up top, try resting the bullet on their nipples for a new type of stimulation.

Remote Control Vibrators

Amazing for foreplay, remote control vibrators let you take and surrender control without the need for more intense bondage. If you can, opt for a wireless version. While these can be more expensive, the freedom they give you in return is definitely worth it.

Slip the vibrator inside your underwear (many love eggs can’t be used internally so check the product’s instructions) and hand the control over to your partner. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can stay in the house or even head to the great outdoors!

Vibrating Cock Ring

For penetrative sex, start off small with a vibrating cock ring. These classic toys are hugely popular for a number of reasons! Sitting at the base of his penis, a cock ring will restrict blood flow to deliver a harder, stronger and prolonged erection. Not all cock rings vibrate so double check before you buy! Usually featuring bumpers or rabbits, the vibrations tease and please the clit while you penetrate. Double the fun with no extra effort!

Sex toys can reignite passion, introduce new types of stimulation and are exciting for both of you. Open up the conversation with your partner and see what works for you – there’s plenty of options out there, so there’s bound to be something that you both love!

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