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The Hottest Movie Scenes Ever

Julia Roberts on top of the piano, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s submissive state and Zac Efron’s shirtless wet body. Whether they’re realistic or completely over the top, the best movie sex scenes have rising music and tension-filled backstories. No one can deny we love a good film romp, and we’re here to round up a few of the hottest movie scenes ever. Prepare to swoon.

Black Swan


The 2010 psychological thriller about two ballerinas competing for the role of the Black Swan topped the polls with the most iconic sex scene in cinema. This hot fantasy sees Nina (Natalie Portman) grabbing Lily (Mila Kunis) by the head and kissing her before Lily throws Nina onto the bed. She removes her underwear and goes down on her, all the while maintaining some intense eye contact. (1 hour 8 minutes in)

Pretty Woman


Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) works in a legal business and decides that bringing an escort to his social events would be beneficial to him. He bumps into Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), a prostitute, whilst driving through Hollywood Boulevard and invites her to his hotel.

After spending a few nights together, Vivian finds Edward playing the piano in the downstairs ballroom. She walks over, he disrobes her and lifts her on top of the grand piano. She places her feet on the keys and lays back to enjoy… (59 minutes 25 seconds in)

The Lucky One


Based on the Nicholas Sparks bestseller, this romantic drama stars Zac Efron as a marine looking for the anonymous woman (Taylor Schilling) whom he believes kept him alive during his time in Iraq.

In this steamy scene, Beth (Schilling) enters Logan’s (Efron) house as he’s washing some tools in the outdoor shower (how convenient, eh?). She pushes him against the wall and kisses him. Needless to say, they begin their lovemaking under the shower before stripping each other out of their wet clothes. It’s enough to get us drooling. (1 hour 4 minutes in)



The entire plot of this captivating war-time drama hinges on one iconic sex scene. In a bid to win Cecilia Tallis’ heart (played by Keira Knightly), Robbie Turner (James McAvoy) writes several drafts of letters to her: six confessing his love and one that is explicitly sexual and erotically charged.

Cecilia gets hold of the letter and confronts Robbie in the library. They both confess their feelings and begin frolicking against the bookcase. Using the ladder to hoist her up, Robbie holds her hands above her head as they make love. Super romantic, but still extremely HOT. (29 minutes 16 seconds in)



Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is a socially awkward adult coming to terms with her treatment after a dangerous incident of self-harm. She begins working as a secretary for an eccentric attorney, Edward Grey (James Spader), who quickly becomes aroused by her obedient behaviour and they embark on a BDSM relationship.

The beginning of their sexual awakening takes place in Edwards’s office. He commands Lee to lean over the desk and read her work. As she recites the first line, Edward delivers an exceptionally hard spank to her behind. He continues to do so until she finishes with his name. It’s naughty and super sexy. (47 minutes in)








Connie (Diane Lane) is happily married but lacking sexual intimacy with her husband. One day, she accidentally runs into Paul (Olivier Martinez) and scrapes her knees. He invites her to his apartment to treat her injuries and over several meetings, their sexual chemistry develops.

They eventually have sex and start an affair. There are lots of hot scenes, but our favourite is when they cross paths in the restroom of a restaurant and decide to fully get it on in public. Daring, sexy and lip-bitingly good – this is one scene you won’t forget. (52 minutes in)

Brokeback Mountain


The 2005 movie, deemed a “beautifully epic western” by critics, left its audience feeling utterly privileged to have witness such a beautiful story. Set in a time when homosexual relations were frowned upon, Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) find themselves cuddled together in a small tent whilst on a job.

After some heavy drinking, Jack makes a pass at Ennis. Despite being initially hesitant, he eventually responds to his advances. The two embrace their loneliness in the mountains and over time develop a passionate sexual and emotional relationship. If you’ve not seen this film, we cannot recommend it enough! (27 minutes 15 seconds in)

If this list hasn’t knocked your socks off, then take a look at the ever popular series Game of Thrones. It’s got sex scenes for days – gay, straight, lesbian, orgy and even incestual. If that’s not tickling your fancy, try Masters of Sex, another great series with lots of hot sex scenes!

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