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Go a Shade Darker: Bring the Film to Life

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard about the release of the even hotter sequel to the already super-hot Fifty Shades of Grey. Bringing some well-needed Christian Grey back into our lives, Fifty Shades Darker has had us dreaming of dominance and submission.

To help you create your very own red room, we’ve selected the ten pieces to get you looking, acting and feeling like the leading characters themselves. From the perfect restraints to those little, silver balls, you’ll be biting your lip, grabbing your bedsheets and taking control in no time.

Look the Part

Mr Grey Bondage Tie

Christian Grey and ties go hand in hand. Discreet enough to wear to work, you’ll love secretly sitting there with one of your favourite restraints. Once you’re home, remove the tie to bind your partner’s wrists or ankles together.

Grey Bondage Tie from Bondara

Samantha Peach Lace Silver Masquerade Mask

You saw Anastasia at the masquerade ball, now recreate her look with this replica. Allure your partner as you transform into the mysterious woman; it’s up to you whether you wear it with a dress like Ana or bare it all in seductive lingerie.

Samantha Peach Silver Mask from Fifty Shades Darker

Play Games

Super Orgasm Love Balls

Grabbing the attention of every woman in the cinema, ben-wa balls have definitely been causing a stir! The ultimate in discretion, these balls are worn internally for irresistible stimulation as you go about your day.

Silver Super Orgasm Love Balls from Bondara

Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Chain

They may not have ending up using these, but they certainly had us (and our nipples) paying attention. Use the rings to control intensity and bring a different type of sensation to your play.

Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamp with Chain from Bondara

Practice Restraint

Bondara Ultimate Suede Leather Handcuffs

Force your partner into submission as you securely fasten them into the buckle straps. Handcrafted and made from leather, even Mr Grey himself would be impressed with these.

Bondara Ultimate Suede Leather Handcuffs

Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs

If, like us, you loved watching Christian use his spreader bar, you’ll be very happy to hear you can get your own. Expanding from 29-37 inches, take control as you use the bar to flip your partner over – just like the film.

Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs

Sexy Soft Red Bondage Rope in 10m

With 10m to play with, use this bondage rope to bind your partner in more intricate and restrictive styles. Strong yet soft against the skin, it’s the perfect restraint.

Sexy Soft Bondage Rope from Bondara

Soft Plush Blindfold Mask in Red

Intensify your partner’s sense of touch as you indulge in sensory deprivation. Stimulate with a feather tickler or use massage oil to recreate the passionate scene.

Soft Plush Red Blindfold Mask from Bondara

Take Control

Super Soft Faux Leather Small Whip

No dom is complete without a tool for spanking. Inflict tingling slaps and harsh whippings as you ensure your playmate is kept on their toes.

Super Soft Faux Leather Small Whip from Bondara

Luxury Brown Leather Riding Crop

Made with fine, brown leather, this luxury crop may feel soft in your hands but it’s still capable of delivering a spanking. Begin with a soft slap to increase sensitivity before leaving a lasting sting.

Luxury Brown Leather Riding Crop from Bondara

As well as these ten pieces, the Bondara Darker Shades of Play shop is filled with toys to sate your BDSM desires and all that kinky fuckery.

Now, get on your knees.

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