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Foreplay Frenzy!

On the surface, foreplay seems like the first move, a step in the process. But that is where you are going wrong. It’s not a process! It’s fun! So let’s start again.

Foreplay – the wonder of the sexual encounter.

In many people’s opinion, foreplay is their favourite part of sex. Now me, I like the actual act of sex best. But that’s just personal preference. But it has to be said that foreplay is VITAL. So it needs to be done right, with enough attention given to it.



Both men and women need enough attention paid to them when it comes to foreplay. However, men, this is where you can really shine! Many women find it hard to reach their climax during sex, so foreplay is your opportunity to get them screaming your name before you even get it in.


But let’s start from the beginning, foreplay isn’t all about instant oral sex. It’s about touch, sensation and of course, oral sex. Kissing is something people forget can be super sexy and intimate. I know, how sad of us. But really, we have forgotten the simplest of moves. So I’m here to help you – time to get kissing kids!

You have to learn to take it slow… it’s not a race, and I’m telling you now, the slower you go, the more intense it will be.

Foreplay is so easy to get to grips with, because you learn from every experience you have. The key is to not be scared, to not be shy and to just try everything. Ask her what she likes, or ask him what he wants. Trust me, he’ll be quick to tell you.

But don’t forget that foreplay should be fun, don’t dread it and most importantly, don’t be greedy. Share and experiment. Something that always helps with foreplay is toys! Yes, sex toys! Oh no! What taboo… Don’t be silly. We love a good sex toy here at Bondara.


You shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. Some lube, a bullet, some anal beads, or even just some sexy underwear can really help spice up your foreplay session and teach you a lot about the ins and outs of the infamous G-spots.

Ah, the G-spot! We all know about it, whether we have had the pleasure to experience it or not. So hitting the right place for your sexual partner is vital in making sure they enjoy themselves. So as I said before, practice makes perfect. Set the mood, and take it slow, make an effort and be confident. Take control when it’s your turn and you’ll be a master of foreplay in no time.

So it is important, it’s time to stop skipping past the good stuff and enjoy it all! Let’s make time for the pre-show and really show them what we have to give!

L xo

One thought on “Foreplay Frenzy!”

  1. The most sensual parts of a woman in my limited experience is being licked in the armpit, and the navel.
    Women that have not experienced this; are almost in the throws of orgasm in a second!
    Try it gents, thank me later!

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