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Sense of Smell Day

You probably check yourself in the mirror before a night out, but are you forgetting to check how you smell? Today is “Sense of Smell Day” so at Bondara we’re taking a sniff at the best way to pick up a date through the wonders of sent.

Perfume, aftershave, you probably have a few different bottles on your shelf, but do they create a wiff that will get you laid? Osmology scientists have determined that women and men are attracted to one another via selective chemical messengers called pheromones. These are arousal-stimulating chemicals which signal sexual desire, hormone levels and fertility, which therefore indicate to a mate that you’re available for the horizontal tango.

If you’re not having much luck finding a date, then maybe you need to consider a pheromone boost! At Bondara there are pheromone sprays and perfumes for both men and women to create the aroma of desire.

What’s your favourite smell for your partner to wear? Is there a specific aftershave you love? Or do you adore their natural smell? Let us know below in the comments.

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