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How to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner

As Valentine’s Day is a time of heartfelt sentiment, make it extra special this year for your lover with a romantic dinner at the most exclusive address in town – your place. Ladies and gents, here’s how to have a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home – with a twist…

Step 1. Set the menu

For a night of passion source some of the most notorious aphrodisiacs for your romantic night in. See if the science holds true when you dish up a selection of foods that will get your partner hot in all the right places.

Woman reaching to eat oyster, close-up


These little fellas have a reputation for being great for love and fertility. Researchers found that oysters contain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones. Season however you wish (we suggest salt, pepper or lemon) and slurp away!

Chilli peppers

The invigorating spice and bright red colour aren’t the only reason they’re considered to be an aphrodisiac and symbol of love. Chilli peppers stimulate endorphins, speed up your heart rate and they make you sweat, all mimicking the feeling you get when you’re aroused.


Considered an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs and Mayans, they’re thought to enhance sexual desirability. Holy guacamole, this also helps with symptoms of erectile dysfunction! Perfect for your starters.



We all know the power of this almighty food, so it’s no surprise it’s considered an aphrodisiac. It relaxes and lowers inhibitions whilst increasing the desire for physical contact. Bake your lover a seriously indulgent chocolate cake and enjoy the moist, fudgy and flavoursome sponge.


Combine the power of two aphrodisiacs and dip these babies in some melted chocolate. Traditionally, strawberries are said to symbolise the Roman goddess of love, Venus, due to their petite heart-shaped form.

Incorporate these ingredients into one desire filled menu and you’ll have a night of passion ahead. However, if you’re not into slurping down ice cold seafood, a takeaway will suffice.

Why not try your hand at making cocktails to go with your food – keeping them red, pink or even violet will add a Valentine’s twist. Try to incorporate some of the known ‘sexy foods’ into your concoction and top it off with a champagne infused lollipop for decoration!


Step 2. Set the mood

You’ve prepared a delicious meal for two, now it’s time to create that all important ambience. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to candlelight. You can bathe by candlelight, create a romantic entranceway, and use them to light the dinner table in a soft glow.

We suggest you go all out when laying the table – use a table cloth, top it with your shiniest cutlery, add flowers and finish beautiful scented candles. Why not try adding the fragrant Lelo Massage Candle, perfect for spicing up your romantic evening.

Dress up your dining room and/or bedroom by sprinkling some gorgeous rose petals throughout – Something your partner is unlikely to expect and will absolutely adore. You smooth criminal, you.


Step 3. Additional touches

Treat your partner to more than a bellyful and dress down for the occasion! Play Maître D’ and deliver their dinner in style. Don a naughty waiter or sexy French maid outfit to clean up afterwards, you may want to stay in this attire for later antics.

We all love an after dinner mint, so here’s something even better! Why not nibble on chocolate shaped like nipples or willies? Suck on these and have instantly fresh breath for the next stage of your romantic evening. And we all know where that’s leading…


Step 4. The finale

Finish up your evening by treating your partner to an after dinner delight – that’s right: more food. Slip away to the bathroom and slide into some edible underwear to surprise your partner or gift these to your lover. Show them a good time in the bedroom whilst filling your boots with some edible candy treats that you won’t be able to resist!

Equally, why not cover yourself or your lover in edible body paint for a tasty night on top of the sheets! Maybe lay down a towel for good measure… Choose from chocolate, strawberry and even caramel.




Have yourself a food filled Valentine’s Day with a few of these suggestions and enjoy each and every gluttonous moment. Looking for something a little naughtier? Why not take a look at our How To Have A Naughty Valentine’s Day blog!

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