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Role Play in Relationships

Unleash your wildest fantasies with our exciting new range of super sexy outfits! Whether you’d like to spend the night in detention or fancy taking your man through his drills there is something in this new naughty collection to send your imagination into overdrive!

Bondara’s new range of fantasy outfits includes a Love Enforcement Officer, Airline Hottie, Sinful Nun and Sexy School Girl.

Role Play and Dressing Up Ideas

Sexy Police Officer and Escaped Convict

In this fantasy you get to embrace your dominant side and give your man the punishment he deserves. Dressing up as a police officer is always a fun idea, as the uniform comes with authority. Your partner is playing the role of an escaped criminal who’s been sex-starved in prison for several years. It’s your job to put him back in line.

Accessorise with outfit with a pair of handcuffs for even more kinky play opportunities.

Naughty Nun and Priest

You’ve made a vow to God, and in his name you pray, but deep down you’re repressing sinful desires. In this scenario you partner could play the role of a priest and you’re both in a place of worship. Suddenly desire strikes and suddenly you’re overwhelmed with feelings of lust. Demand that your partner give you the pleasure you’ve always hungered for.

Sexy Air Hostess and Gentleman Traveller

So many men are captivated by the beauty of airhostesses, as they watch their hips move up and down the tight aeroplane isles. Try indulging your man’s fantasy and enjoying how much he wants you. As a sexy airhostess you specialize in providing the highest quality of services. One of your flights may begin with a glass of Champaign and end in the mile-high club.

Naughty School Girl and Strict Professor

Role-playing as naughty school girl and teacher is hugely popular. For years you sat in classrooms as your mind wandered, and tonight you get to live out your wildest fantasies. Imagine you’re a naughty girl in detention for not doing your homework, and the teacher must punish you for being such a bad student.

A fun accessory could be a long wooden ruler, but always agree on a safe word before any spanking begins.

Hot Army Girl and Prisoner of War

Tied to a chair he watches your every move. He is your prisoner and you’re in control. Outside in the heat of battle guns are firing and no one can hear his cries. In this fantasy you get to assert you dominance, and he gets to let go of control. In this scenario which evokes BDSM, you can tie your partner to a chair with a soft rope and do to him what you wish.

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Why You Should Indulge:

Introducing role-play to the bedroom has many benefits for your sex life. Here are 5 reasons why you should indulge!

  • Role-play is a fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing, which keeps you and your lover’s sexual connection new and exciting! Assuming different personas will also help you let go of inhibitions and experiment with fun ideas that may not arise during traditional love making sessions.
  • Engaging in role play is about indulging in a fantasy and letting go of reality. For one night you don’t need to worry about the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, or the stack of papers on your desk at the office, for that night all you need to concentrate on is arresting an escaped prisoner, or spending the night in detention.
  • When you and your partner participate in role playing, you get to sleep with a new and exciting person without having to stray. This new passion can reignite the spark of romance and prevent you getting bored and looking for excitement outside of the relationship.
  • Role playing also helps with communication, as it takes a lot of trust for a person to reveal their deepest, darkest fantasies to their partner. Fantasies and ideas should be discussed openly, until a compromise is reached that you’re both comfortable with and sure to enjoy.
  • As well as being sexually pleasurable, role-playing is also very intellectually stimulating, as creating new characters and scenarios allows for a lot of creativity and imagination. Role-playing can be very simple, or as artistic as you want it to be. Some couple even like to write and memorise scripts to be able to fully indulge in the fantasy. ­­­

What’s your favourite fantasy? Tell us about it in the Comments section!

2 thoughts on “Role Play in Relationships”

  1. naughty schoolgirl is my favourite role play, love her dressig up in sexy clothes, pretending to be so innocent and wanting to try new things and to please. Also love the fantasy where she is with another man, I am watching and enjoying it as much as she is, then I join in…

  2. Any couple who do not put a night aside to role-play are either not to bothered about sexual relationships(which is more than fine),or heading to the darkness of cheating on a partner we think.If one has a fantasy and the other refuses to accept(or even listen to) i believe the fantasy will eat away until their resolve is broken and cheating begins.Our most common role-play is role-reversal,where i have a few wines while she leaves a note in bathroom with my orders.These normally include dressing in her maid outfit (and size 12 knee boots she bought me),then pampering her.She has even created an alter ego for our nights and i must play to this character or face the consequenses.We are even talking about visiting an erotica event with me cross dressed,which i cant deny sounds sexy,but until i have a full make over i dont feel to comfortable with this yet.Being your wifes secret lesbien lover has to be the sexiest thing ever so try it guys!!!!!!

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