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What To Do This New Year’s

In a couple of weeks, skies will light up with fireworks and midnight kisses will fill the room. (We can’t wait!) Whether you’re single or celebrating as a couple, you’re probably after inspiration for what to do this New Year’s.

2016 has been a hell of a year. It hosted a presidential election full of surprises, Brexit and, perhaps most shocking of them all, Toblerone-gate. As always, it’s flown by. The time has come to say goodbye and welcome in 2017 with open arms. Make this New Year’s Eve your best one yet.

If You’re Single…

If you fancy having a quiet night in, make it a little luxurious. Reflect upon your year, plan out your resolutions (even if they don’t last two weeks!) and indulge yourself. Me-time, whether you’re a man or a woman, will help you start the year as relaxed and satisfied as possible!

What better way to end the year than with laughter? A comedy club is a brilliant, alternative way to spend New Year’s Eve. Perfect if you don’t fancy drinking or hitting the dancefloor, you can celebrate in a relaxing atmosphere filled with uproarious laughter.

Jay Gatsby screenshot toasting to camera

Gather your nearest and dearest, channel your inner Gatsby and host a house party! Chances are, your friends are silently hoping someone offers up their home for a fiesta. Grab drinks and nibbles and choose a playlist to get everyone on their feet. For entertainment, check out the amazing have – some sexier than others! As midnight approaches, turn on the TV or radio and count down with the rest of the country, surrounded by the people you love.

It’s the last day of 2016, so make it a blowout with your best pals! If a club catches your eye, book early. It’s worth seeing if they’re running a VIP promotion. Often, these include a booth, drinks and, if you’re lucky, table service –  ideal for avoiding those hour-long bar queues. You can also look for concerts and events happening all over the UK. With many hosted by top DJs or featuring big-name artists, they promise a memorable night.

Confetti falling to a crowd in a big party

If You’re a Couple…

If you want to finish 2016 eating delicious food, have a look at nearby restaurants. Many will be running a set menu so you can sit, dine and be waited on. If you fancy a change of atmosphere for the midnight celebrations, move on to a local bar. With any luck, they’ll be offering drinks deals. It’s up to you whether you see this as an opportunity to save money or drink twice as much. For the best of both worlds, have an intimate meal together before inviting your friends to the pub.

If you fancy doing something special that doesn’t involve the party scene, why not have a mini break? Hunt down a last-minute bargain and sneak off to a secluded spot. Take some games, good food and your favourite drinks and feel smug with your rejuvenated start to 2017.

Champagne popping

Alternatively, head to the city centre or the city nearest you! There’s bound to be loads going on so have a look on the tourism page or check out Time Out. With firework displays, parades, live music and pop-up bars going on everywhere, you’ll have a classic celebratory start to the year.

To make it an intimate start to 2017, have a romantic evening in together. Light some candles to set the atmosphere, give a sensual massage and indulge in a night of seduction. Sounds like a pretty perfect New Year’s Eve to us!

Couple snuggled up together in front of the fire

The Aftermath…

If you’re making it a big one, don’t forget to prepare for the aftermath! You’ll probably need to soothe a sore head, so stock up on your favourite hangover food beforehand (i.e. all the carbs you can get your hands on). Take a rehydration drink before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up for a much-needed vitamin boost. We recommend taking your duvet to the living room and refusing to move for the following 12 hours.

What to do this New Year’s is always a tough decision. Whatever you decide, make it one to remember! The only thing we have left to say? Happy New Year (and good luck with those pesky resolutions)!

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