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Tips for Proposing

Ready to pop the question, but aren’t sure how? Coming up with a way to say those four little words (“Will you marry me?”) can be daunting, even for the most romantic of men. Whether you’ve got a million ideas running through your head, or none at all, we’re here to relieve a little bit of that pressure with our tips for proposing.


Finding the Ring

Most men believe that picking the ring is the hardest part of the task – it isn’t. If you’re worrying about what sort of thing she’ll like the most, then take a look at her current jewellery – what colour is it? Gold, Silver, Platinum? Is it big and sparkly, or dainty and elegant? If you’re stuck, ask her best friend or a family member.

Maximise your budget and say goodbye to the ‘two month salary’ malarkey. There is no right amount to spend on an engagement ring. Shop around a little, you may find that buying online is a lot cheaper than buying from high-street jewellers. The best way to go about saving money is by creating and designing the ring yourself. This means you decide how much money goes in to the way the ring is set and the size of the diamond.

If you’re worried about size, try looking at some jewellery she already wears. Worst comes to worst, take a guess and maybe order it on the larger side so you can get it resized after you pop the question.

New York City, New York State, USA --- Man putting a wedding ring on a woman's finger --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

Asking the Parents

It may seem extremely out-dated, but asking the parents’ permission is a sign of respect. With traditional values slowly taking a back seat, it would undoubtedly be a huge honour for the parents to grant your wish. The bride-to-be won’t suspect a thing and although she might not know it yet, his element is likely to be extremely important to her.


Whilst every girl fantasises over her dream proposal, it’s entirely up to you how you choose to deliver it. The best thing to do? Make it personal, so that quite literally no one else could have THAT proposal.

First off, limit who you tell. You’ll have people weighing in on when and how you should do it, which isn’t what you need. Keep it to 2-3 people (and her parents if you’re thinking of cluing them in).  They’ll be able to help you plan the occasion and get you to that all-important ‘Yes’.

There are many ways to make a proposal monumentally special; it could be over your shared love for something. From personalised pizza delivery proposals to beautifully inscribed books – there is quite literally no limit on personalisation, so whether you’re movie buffs or cake addicts, there is something for everyone.


Pick a Spot

Consider a location you both remember and are fond of – if this is beyond reach then improvise and attempt recreating the scene. The place you had your first kiss, the place you went on your mini break together and whispered those three important words, or even at home! Going back to these places signifies that your relationship has gone full circle and you’re ready to start the new chapter.

Make it something that reflects you as a couple. It could be your love of sports, food or art, but try to incorporate your shared interests, as it’ll leave her feeling extremely special.


Location, Location, Location

Over two thirds of couples get engaged on holiday, and it makes sense. You’re away from home, surrounded by beautiful culture, and it’s just the two of you. Be sure to prep everything before you depart!

Plan the specifics. Call the hotel concierge to find out what the most romantic spots in the area are. Traditionally you could take your partner to a romantic restaurant and afterwards find a beautiful stretch of beach, street, walkway (wherever you choose to go). Have flowers or chocolates sent to your room – her favourites of course.

Many hotels actually have their own romance coordinators – yes, you heard that right. They’ll assist with any finer details you wish to use to carry out the proposal.

Pack the ring properly! If you’re flying keep it close by, but out of sight. Don’t carry it on your body as you’ll most likely have to remove it, so just make sure it’s secured inside a deep pocket in your bag. Make sure to be really careful what you carry on at this stage – no toiletries, and no sharp anything’s. Make it as easy as possible to get through security without being searched.

After all the planning, try to resist the temptation to just blurt out those words right away. Let the suspense build over two to three days. She may or may not suspect this to be the time you propose, so keep her waiting just that little bit longer.


Popping the Actual Question

Talk about when you first met her and what your first thoughts were. Was it love at first sight? Or was it a clumsy meeting whereby you spilt red wine all over her?

Ask yourself what you have now that you didn’t have before? How has she bettered your life, and what is it that makes her the one thing you don’t wish to give up?

Talk about how she’s inspired you in some way. Maybe it’s the way she’s gotten you to free up some fridge space by swapping beers for actual store bought food. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure you both share, or how patient she is with IKEA furniture. Let her know how much you appreciate her.

Talk about your shared values and the future you see for the two of you. How you know you both love making a mess in the kitchen whilst cooking, but also how you both hate the cleaning up after. We trust you to come up with a more romantic sentiment! This is the perfect way to lead in to the inevitable ‘Will You Marry Me’ finale.


Make it count, as this is the story you’re going to be telling forever more.

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