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Signs that Show She’s Into You

Dating was easy when we were children – a lone “hello” in the morning would lead to a giggling “will you go out with me?” by mid-afternoon. While it may have only lasted a week, we still had someone’s hand to hold on the playground.

Now, we need to decode signals, avoid the dreaded friend-zone and stop ourselves wondering if she’s still swiping right on stranger’s profiles. To help you out, we’ve wracked our brains for ten signs that show she’s into you.

Photograph of woman smiling on her phone

She Initiates Conversation

If she’s choosing to speak to you over anyone else, it’s because she wants to speak to you. Whether she’s calling, texting or talking to you in person, you’re the one on her mind. While it may not seem like much, it’s a promising sign.


She’s Interested in Your Interests

Chances are, she’s not that excited for an hour-long rundown of how your team’s doing in the league or that funny thing your friend’s dog did. If, despite your rambling, she’s still showing an interest, she must think you’re worth the effort.

Silhouette of couple hugging in front of window

You’re Her Shoulder to Cry On

One of the most heartening moments of a relationship is having someone to lean on after a rubbish day. If it’s you she’s turning to for comfort and reassurance, she trusts your advice. By breaking the cheerful, flirty persona that so many of us try to maintain when we first like someone, she’s showing she sees potential for the long run. This is your moment to be supportive, so don’t resort to an awkward pat on her shoulder.


…And She’s Your Shoulder to Cry On

Likewise, her wanting to be there for you shows she’s interested in more than just a bit of fun; she wants to get to know the good, the bad and the ugly. If she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t go to the trouble.


She Makes an Effort

Getting dressed up to see you shows she’s keen to impress. However, making the effort to spend time with you suggests her feelings go deeper than that. Perhaps she’s rescheduled plans so the two of you can go on a date, or maybe she’s come over straight from a hectic day at work. Choosing to see you after a long day rather than curling up on the sofa at home, speaks volumes.

Man and woman in bar drinking cocktails, laughing

It’s the Little Things

A gesture means a lot – whether it’s remembering your big meeting or booking you tickets to see the latest blockbuster. By taking the initiative in the hope of brightening your day, she clearly thinks you’re worth the time.


“You’re a Stranger”

At face value, the “hey, stranger” line is an overused joke. What she’s really saying is that she doesn’t feel satisfied with the amount of communication the two of you share. This is her way of asking you to speak to her more, without feeling like she’s being too keen – so do it!


Let’s Get Physical

Body language is key in working out how someone feels about you. If she looks away or up at the ceiling while you’re speaking to her, the chances are she feels uncomfortable or is disinterested. On the other hand, gently touching you on the arm or knee while she’s talking is a flirtatious sign that she wants your full attention.

Beyonce and backing dancers performing single ladies live

She Makes it Clear She’s Single

Think of it this way: a girl telling you she’s with someone is the most obvious sign she can give that she’s not interested (despite your cheesy pick-up line). So, if she’s making a point of letting you know she’s available, it’s because she wants you to know!


She Introduces You to Her Friends and Family

Introducing you to her closest circle of friends shows she trusts you and wants to show you off. It also means she wants you all to get to know each other; crucial for any long-term relationship. If they say they’ve heard a lot about you or ask you how your cat is, you know you’ve been a hot topic of conversation – a fool proof sign she’s into you.


If you’re looking for tell-tale signs from her, it’s likely she’ll be doing the same with you, so return them! Have the confidence to make the next move and you’ll be greeting her at the door with some mistletoe well in time for Christmas.

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