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How To Ask A Guy Out

You don’t always get what you want unless you ask for it – so ladies, sometimes you have to make the first move to get the guy you want. Not sure where to start? These suggestions will help you master how to ask a guy out. If he says no, then so what, he wasn’t worth it anyway.

You know the saying – you never know until you try. So try!

Be Yourself

When asking a guy out, you don’t want to overthink it, stop playing it coy and cool and please don’t go all man-eater on him! Just like you don’t want to be prey to some slick douchebag, neither does he. Just be yourself and be direct; because let’s be honest, playing games just takes precious time and ultimately you’ve got a higher chance of getting hurt. It’s just not worth it.

conversationInitiate Conversation

Unsurprisingly, it’s actually best to talk to a guy before you try to take him out. You might not enjoy his company and he actually may be as dull as a plank, so this is something I advise every single time! It’s also another great way to gauge whether he is actually into you and if it’s worth wasting any of your oh-so-precious time on him. If you’re doing all the work and it’s a lot of effort, then sling him and wait for the conveyer belt to keep moving round. There are plenty of fun, interesting guys out there who would love to explore things naturally with you.

Just Do it

Sure, it can be intimidating to approach a guy and put yourself out there. But guess what? It puts you in control of your dating life, and besides – guys really like it. Men find it refreshing when a strong woman asks them out. I promise you it will make you feel great about yourself and he’ll already be trying to figure out how to handle a girl like you. If he’s not receptive, then it’s no big loss. You’ll never wonder ‘what if?’

beer tapsBuy Him a Drink

If you’re out with friends and a guy catches your eye, what’s stopping you from buying him a drink (apart from your bank balance)? Nothing, I repeat, nothing is stopping you from making that first move. It puts the cards in his hand and shows him you’re interested. Everyone loves a bold but classy move, it’s super flattering. Then it’s up to him to make the next move to come over and say thanks. Once again, you’ve got control.

Keep it Casual

Don’t ask him to your sister’s wedding. Don’t ask him to pop to Spain with you for a week. Let’s just keep it casual and low-pressure. Ask him for a coffee or for lunch, this way you both only have a small commitment to each other if the date winds up a dud and if not, he has the option to ask you for a second.

So if he doesn’t say yes and if you screw up the ‘ask-out’ don’t worry – it’s really not a big deal! There are plenty more guys for you to practice on, plenty more awkward dates to experience and trust me, making the first move will be a huge turn on for a guy. So just go for it.

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