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First Date Ideas

The scary part is over: you’ve wooed, you’ve flirted and you’ve snagged yourself a date. Now what? Seriously…now what? The classic coffee date is fine but a little ‘meh’, so save your double-shot-soy-milk-no-foam latte for another time. For something more memorable, these first date ideas are sure to make your budding romance bloom.

Go for a Walk – Price: £

If you live in the countryside or near a beach, you’re sitting on a first date goldmine. The picture-perfect setting for a romantic date, a walk will let you get to know one another with zero distractions.

Since you want to show you’ve put some effort in, make up a picnic.  Pack a blanket if there isn’t a bench around – no one wants a muddy bum –  and take it back-to-basics for a fuss-free, intimate date.
Couple on a walk through the countryside

Go to a Pub Quiz – Price: £

Nothing says romance like knowing who won the football World Cup in 1986. Impress your date with your pub quiz prowess and hang around for a few drinks after it’s over. Following your stellar performance, you’ll both be more relaxed during the typical first date banter.

Even better, a pub quiz gives you the chance to win some money! (Don’t judge us for prioritising this; we know you were thinking it too.)


Visit a Museum – Price: £

Bond over your shared enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful. If your date likes plants and animals, try the Natural History Museum. Or, if they prefer art, take them to the Tate Modern to check out Anthea Hamilton’s cheeky Project for Door. At worst, this massive sculpture of a bum  provides the perfect photo opportunity (although perhaps not the most romantic of selfies).

Museums often only ask for a voluntary donation as an entrance fee. You can give as much or as little as you like, but bear in mind you’re trying to impress!
Couple in a museum with paintings on the wall

Play Crazy Golf – Price: ££

Don’t turn up your nose! It may not be the sexiest of settings but, as a first date, you’ll be able to laugh, chat and relax. Not for the overly competitive types; you won’t look particularly attractive as you throw a tantrum when you lose.

If you’re both within reach of London, try out Swingers. As a bar-cum-crazy golf course, it will add a touch of maturity to your date.


Go to Top Golf – Price: ££

Go off-piste on your first date with a trip to Top Golf. A combination of darts and a driving range, the set-up is similar to bowling. You can play competitively or,  as most people do, just whack it and hope for the best.

There’s also a bar and food that can be served to your lane, which also has outdoor heaters for the chilly nights. Since there are only three locations at the moment, hopefully you’re within easy reach of Chigwell, Watford or Surrey.


Visit a Zoo – Price: ££

If animals don’t make your date’s heart melt, you may need to rethink this romance. (Seriously, who doesn’t love otters?) Sure, zoos don’t smell the greatest and most of the time are filled with screaming children, but they still make a great first date.

Two lemurs cuddling

Go Wine-Tasting – Price: £££

Need we say more?

It’s perhaps not the best idea to get too drunk on your first date. With the risk of proclaiming your undying love, you may find your rendezvous ends early. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy yourself – after all, becoming a sommelier isn’t at the top of our priorities here – but maintain a pace similar to your date.


Visit a Theme Park – Price: £££

Together, push your limits, loosen up and enjoy the thrills. At the very least, it’ll distract you from the butterflies flittering around your stomach.

Before you get too excited, double-check your date doesn’t have a weak stomach; nothing will kill the mood like sick all over your clothes.

A couple at a theme park, with the girl holding a toy

See a Concert – Price: £-£££

If music is the language of love, you’re onto a winner here. Avoid awkward silences as you dance together and revel in the romance during the soppier songs.

Depending on who you see and where they’re playing, concerts can suit all budgets. Since it’s the smaller venues that often offer the most intimate atmospheres, don’t feel pressurised to go all out.


It’s no secret that first dates are horrible. However, we’re hoping these first date ideas will make things a little easier and take your date from unbearable to just slightly nerve-wracking. If it continues to go well,  don’t forget to check out our lingerie department and have a date in the bedroom!

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