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Does He Like Me?

People have been flirting, dating and hooking up for centuries. Yet there’s always a moment when we nervously wonder: “does he like me?” For shyness, embarrassment or fear of rejection, many of us avoid making the first move. Continue this for too long and the fledgling relationship can easily fade. We all want to know whether we’ve got a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver on our hands, so look out for these signs.

mark darcy and daniel cleaver after street fight in bridget jones

He’s a Conversation Starter

It may only be a simple gesture, but don’t underestimate the importance of initiating a conversation. Note: we are not talking about the “I’m horny, come over” booty calls. We mean him asking about your day or telling you a funny story. He’s chosen to speak to you out of everyone else – and that speaks volumes.


You’re on His Mind

This can be as small as sending you a text because there’s something he can’t wait to tell you or as big as buying you a gift simply because he thought you’d like it. He wouldn’t make the effort if he didn’t think you were worth it. Thinking about or being reminded of you throughout the day is a clear indication of how much you mean to him.

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Your Interests are His Interests (Even When They Definitely Aren’t)

We all hope for the butterfly moment of discovering a shared interest and immediately start creating a mental list of baby names. The true test, however, comes when you’re talking about something completely alien to him. We’ve all been there: half an hour into a conversation we don’t understand, our eyes beginning to glaze over and we have to stifle a yawn. If, despite your rambling, he’s continuing to show a genuine interest, you’re onto a winner.


It’s Not All About Him

Not only is self-obsession deeply unattractive and off-putting, it gives little promise for a relationship. He should be showing an active interest in your day, your likes and dislikes and enjoying what you have to say. If the conversation is becoming a bit one-sided, keep one eye on the door.


He’s Not Playing Games

Unless he’s in the middle of nowhere without a phone, internet or carrier pigeon, you shouldn’t be going days without talking after your hot date. The three day rule is over, so recognise when he’s playing games: is he constantly being hot and cold with you? You’re worth more than that.

he's just not that into you quote not calling back

Body Language

Body language is the perfect tool for figuring out what’s going on in his mind. If he’s giving a full smile that shows his teeth, he feels comfortable and is genuinely enjoying himself. Eye contact is key but look out for him checking out your lips, too, as this can suggest he wants to kiss you. Finally, a gentle touch on your arm or knee shows he wants your full attention, as well as being intimate.


He’s Interested in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s easy to enjoy somebody’s company when they’re happy and flirty, the challenge – and the biggest sign of whether he likes you – is when your mood comes crashing down. By wanting to be there to comfort and support you, you’re more to him than just a bit of fun.


He Tells You Something Personal

While we don’t advocate pressuring him into spilling his deepest, darkest secret, him confiding in you is a big step. It should feel natural when it happens and not only does it show he trusts you, he wants you to know more about him. This is your opportunity to look good, so make sure you’re supportive and a good listener.

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You Meet His Friends and Family

Being introduced to the people closest to him may be terrifying, but it’s a great indicator of where your relationship is going. He’s proud to be seen with you and wants you all to get to know each other. If they say “I’ve heard a lot about you” or ask you about something you haven’t told them, you know he’s been talking about you just as much as you’ve been talking about him.


“We’re Together”

The biggest sign he likes you? He tells people you’re together. Taking the step to leave your own, private bubble of love and go public with your relationship is a huge sign that he’s into you – and he’s excited for everyone to know.


The most important thing to remember is reciprocation; don’t get lazy just because they’re showing signs that they’re into you! They may well be wondering if you like them too, so return the same signals and you’ll be kissing under the mistletoe in no time.

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