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Dating Tips

Let’s face it, putting yourself out there is hard – whether or not you’re a serial dater or brand new to it all. So, to help you out we’ve pooled some of our favourite dating tips here at Bondara to let you know exactly what to do and not do on your next date.

A first date is not an audition for a marriage. Whether you’re having some fun, or looking for your next soul mate, a first date is simply by definition the first part. It is the try-out for the second date. You don’t have to decide in that moment if you are super in love with the person sitting opposite from you, just whether or not you are interested enough to get to know them a little better.

Be open minded. Don’t assume that the person who did the planning is going to take you to the most fancy and elaborate place around town. They probably will do the opposite of this to test your reaction. No matter what you think, EVERYONE plays games, so just go with the flow and enjoy their company.

Don’t over research. Try not to pre-judge before you have even met your date! And stay away from their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc. Do not stalk their profile and then bring up their third aunt, removed twice. It’s just plain creepy.

Don’t EVER talk about your ex. Nope, never, nada. If you’re talking about your ex on a first date, you probably shouldn’t be out on a first date.

dating tips pay half the billOffer to pay half the bill. Unless someone made an elaborate effort to take you on a first date, it’s polite to offer to pay half the bill. It’s a first date after all. They might not allow it, but at least you have showed that you’re interested and polite. Don’t look too disappointed if the planner wants you to split the bill. Be independent. You should always go Dutch if it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a second date; unless they insist. That’s just good manners!

Don’t worry about what you’re ordering. If you go for dinner, don’t sit and worry that he will think you’re a pig if you order the double cheeseburger, or she’ll think you’re a slob if you order the ribs. Just be yourself and have a good time. Ultimately, you’re going to have to reveal the true you at some point and later is much worse than sooner.

Confidence is a turn on! Don’t bash yourself, don’t put yourself down and don’t be shy. Be confident in yourself because at the end of the day, it’s just a date. No need to be nervous.

A Champagne CheersShort and Sweet. Keep the first date short and sweet! If you stick to dinner or lunch then you have an easy out when you’re both finished eating. But if you both enjoy yourself, there’s always the option of extending the date further. Going to the cinema is not a good first date activity – you want to be able to talk to them! Save that for a future date.

Pay attention. In the era of crazy technology obsessions, you really don’t want to be one of those people who ignore their date because they can’t leave their phone alone. Don’t sit down at the table and put your phone on the table. You might as well be saying “I’m waiting for someone more interesting to message me.” If they’re talking, listen to them and look at them, don’t sneak a look at your watch. And that hottie at the bar that you just checked out… yep, they saw that.

condoms in jar first dateTo sex, or not to sex. There is no right or wrong time to have sex for the first time – it is purely up to you and what you’re comfortable with. Some people like to wait until awhile so there’s a stronger emotional attachment, others can’t wait to jump in the sack and check out the goods. Whatever your preference, protection is key – both emotional and physical. To keep yourself safe, never do something you’re not 100% comfortable with and always practice safe sex.

The most important thing to remember when dating is not to put too much pressure on yourself or your date. You’re both probably as nervous as each other after all and expecting too much will just make it worse. Try to enjoy yourself and next time, it might just be a little bit easier. You might even learn something about yourself!

Do you have any more killer dating tips or disasters? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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