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Reconsider the Rubber

With guys complaining that condoms ruin the mood, stop sensations or are too tight, you’d think these phallic prophylactics are torture traps for your tool. Now here’s a hot take, men only hate condoms because they haven’t found their brand. With that in mind, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the rubber?

The days of running into the gents, hastily inserting three round pound coins into the wall mounted dispenser, and getting a warped Johnny with a dried up lube sachet are long gone. While not hugely publicised, condom technology has advanced considerably in recent years.

Breakthroughs including ultra-thin materials and playful textures have revolutionised the humble condom, turning it into a pocket sized pleasure machine. With new futuristic technologies like the LELO Hex ready to roll down your knob, it has never been a better time to reacquaint yourself with the love glove.

Fellas, it’s time to be realistic. If that condom’s chocking your trouser snake or flying off your pecker, you’ve bought the wrong sheath. You’re not all going to be Mr. Magnum, and if you are… congrats I guess. We have a range of sizes and styles available, that’ll keep you comfortable and drive your partner wild.

Are you still unconvinced?

Consider this… after a long, exhausting play session with the contents of your toy box, you could boil a kettle for 3-5 minutes then dip your toys into the aforementioned freshly boiled water, and then you could leave them to cool before drying them off and… ugh its just hassle.

Whether you’re in a rush, wary of germs or just plain lazy, put a condom on your toy before play, then when the fun’s over simply roll it up, throw it away and spray said toy with our handy toy cleaner. See, no more drama, just you enjoying your post-orgasm bliss.

Have we changed your mind? Will you be bringing condoms back into the bedroom? Let us know.

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