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Prep for the Perfect Kiss

In light of National Kissing Day, we’ve been thinking hard about what makes kissing so good and how you can prepare for the perfect smooch.


Sometimes the biggest factor that hinders a good kiss is nerves. If it’s a first kiss then often the nervousness will work against you, but like any big even, if you prepare beforehand then things are much more likely to happen smoothly.

Number one on this list of tips and tricks is lip prep. You want smooth, plump and sumptuous lips to keep you feeling confident.

How about a quick lip scrub to really treat your chops? I suggest grabbing a small bowl and adding the following:

3 tbsp of Sugar (any course sugar will do but I recommend Brown Granulated)

1 tbsp of Coconut oil

1 tsp of Set Honey

1 tsp of Ground Cinnamon

Then simply stir them up until it makes a thick mixture and leave in the fridge between uses.


To use, scoop a pea sized amount onto your finger tip and rub over your lips until your mouth is luxuriously soft.

This alone will help to plump up your lips but the added cinnamon in the scrub is also a natural way to bring blood to the surface of the skin, plumping up the area for a full looking pout.

Finish this off with a dab of favoured lip balm to seal in the softness.


Next on the list: Clean your teeth. Having pouty lips won’t help you if your breath is reminiscent of the tuna salad you enjoyed at lunch.


So you’re all soft minty and moisturised, ready to apply your mouth onto another person’s mouth for mutual enjoyment! My tips for making it a kiss worth remembering are as follows.

  • Don’t rush it. If you go too fast you run the risk of banging teeth or biting tongues, just start slow and build up to it.
  • Don’t go for tongue straight away. No one likes a sloppy first kiss and by working up to more intense kissing you can create a very powerful effect.


  • Read your partner and adjust your style to them. The worst thing in the world is trying to get your partner to slow down when you’re kissing for the first time.
  • Have fun. Kissing doesn’t have to be intense and sexual, it can be light and teasing or flirty and silly, so don’t worry about making it a super intense experience.

So there you have it! Happy Kissing Day everyone, and may all your smooches be ones to remember!

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