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Period Sex

‘Getting your red wings’, ‘riding the red river’ or ‘running the red light’. Period Sex.

Talking about it seems to still be the quickest way to gross a lot of people out but plenty of you are doing it. Of course you may not want to dive straight in to oral sex while you or your partner is having their period, but there are plenty of lovely benefits to having sex whilst menstruating:

Pros: Women are generally much hornier around the time of their period, plus sex can ease menstrual cramps, shorten the length of your period and generally boost the mood all round. Not only that but your natural lubrication is at an all-time high.

Now for the cons… Yes it can be messy. The sight of blood does freak some people out and period sex might just not be to your tastes. However, if you and your partner are into the idea of having sex regardless of what time of the month it is then there are plenty of ways to get around the mess. Pop a dark coloured towel down! Period blood is natural and perfectly safe. Of course if you use condoms within your relationship you should always use them even if having period sex. Technically the risks of pregnancy are lower during menstruation, but there’s no point risking it, eh?


We want to hear about your experiences of sex whilst you or your partner is on their period… Is it no big deal? Would you never consider it? Tell us below.

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