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Oh So Sensational

The world of Sensation play is so vast that no matter what your preferences in the bedroom may be, there will be something for you to enjoy.


It is widely known that pleasure can be mixed with pain to create enhanced stimulations and feelings, however that is not the only way that sensation play can be experienced.

In fact in some ways a more delicate touch can be all it takes to awaken those hidden nerve endings and send sumptuous shivers across your skin.

If you are looking to experience these delicate and soothing touches we recommend a range of toys that can be used to achieve this.


Though threatening at first glance, the Wartenberg Five Head Pinwheel has a tingling touch when slowly rolled over the skin and without placing any pressure on the pinwheel the metal spikes will create a tantalising prickly sensation that will wake up your skin and enhance your responses to every touch.


For a gentler approach, our Peacock Feather is a full and proud accessory for any truly teasing collection. The fluffy and soft feathers will lightly stroke the skin to create a sublime breath of pleasure that is sure to have your eyes rolling and pleasure sparking.


Our Beaded Riding Crop has the power to leave a lasting sting, but when applied with careful lightness, this metal accessory becomes a soothing tool with which you can render your partner speechless with satisfaction.


Taking more inspiration from our range of spankers, this simple Suede Flogger is a light and soft spanker that can be used to create light caresses over the skin. Gently run the tails slowly down your partner’s body or administer light and gentle lashes for a smattering of touches, either way this flogger is small but deadly.

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