Oh, Back to School!

Going Back To School Isn’t All That Bad, Is It?  

THAT outfit! Naughty school girl outfits have been fulfilling the fantasies of men and women ever since classroom-based learning became a concept. Every college, university and night class, had that one exquisite pin-up student that made your September return more bearable.

The darling from the adjacent desk who ate lollipops, sucked on pencil tips and fondled phallic shaped objects so seductively that your hands were rarely seen.

Take care of those ABC’s and educate your ass, breasts and clitoris with an exciting array of beginner’s toys. Learning curves, figures and angles has never been so interesting. Easily plug the holes in your anal knowledge with a series of late-night cramming sessions. Nipples will be covered in the next lesson as you keep abreast of all the latest clamps and enhancers. C is for clitoris, a stimulating subject you will never get bored of studying.  

Enjoy Practising for your Oral Exams:

Acquire new techniques from your head-master to excel in your oral examinations. Strive to overcome the tip of the tongue phenomenon by concentrating on diction and eagerly taking everything in. Let your lips produce an ‘oh oui’ and an ‘ooh la la’. Practise eventually makes perfect so roll up your sleeves and get your head down.      

When lessons are learned and you have a firm grasp of your subject, sign up to, and explore some thrilling extracurricular activities. You can master debating in front of a full-length mirror or frolic naked in a field before enjoying new positions and deep breathing exercises in the bedroom. Whether you prefer intense ball games or playing alone with your precious dolls, the possibilities are endless, and this September cannot come quick enough. 

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