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What lubricant should I use for anal sex?

Unlike ‘traditional’ sex, anal sex can require a little more care and preparation.

Whether you’re just looking to experiment with anal play, use anal toys or have penetrative anal sex, using the right lubricant can really make all the difference!

Why use a lubricant?

Using a lubricant will, first and foremost, reduce friction during sex and anal play. This will mean the penis, or toy, is able to side in and out more easily. Not using a sufficient amount of lubrication can cause tears in the anus and be a painful experience for both partners.

Secondly, using lubricant makes the experience more pleasurable, creating a wonderful wet and ‘juicy’ sensation. Thirdly, some lubricants contain a numbing agent to relieve some of the discomfort of anal sex.

Water based lubricant

A water based lubricant is a highly versatile lube as it’s safe to use during sex, foreplay and masturbation, as well as safe to use with condoms and all of your sex toys. A water based lube is also unlikely to be sticky, tacky or make a mess of your bed sheets; however, it may not be the perfect for choice for anal sex.

Whilst a water based lube can be used for anal sex, it’s doesn’t have a terribly thick consistency when compared with other lubes, which means you may need to reapply several times during sex. A water based lube would be fine to use with your butt plug however, as there wouldn’t be much of a thrusting in and out movement.

Silicone based lubricant

A silicone lubricant is usually the preferred choice for anal sex and anal play as  it is thicker, ‘slippier’ and lasts for longer during sex so you don’t have to reapply.

However, a silicone lube may not be safe to use with all your anal toys! Although safe to use with most non-porous toys (ABS plastic, glass, metal, ceramic) a silicone lubricant may damage your silicone, jelly rubber and porous toys like Fleshlights or male masturbators.

Anal relax lubricant

Specially designed for anal sex, “anal relax lubricant” contains a desensitising agent, to reduce sensitivity at the anus. Although anal sex can be a very pleasurable experience for both partners, initial penetration can sometimes be painful; some people experiencing “ring sting”, especially if you didn’t warm up with a bit of foreplay first.

A lubricant with a relaxing agent will relieve the discomfort of penetration whilst still maintaining the pleasurable sensation of anal sex. The Anal Relax Lubricant we sell at Bondara is water based so safe to use with condoms and all of your sex toys.

Oil based lubricant

Although an oil based lubricant will feel relatively similar to a silicone lube it is not recommended for anal sex as oil lubes are not condom safe, and you should almost always wear a condom during anal sex (unless you’re in an exclusive relationship and have both been tested).

Oil based lubricants can also react badly with silicone, jelly rubber and other porous sex toy materials.

So I hope that after reading this post you feel a little better informed about which lubricant to use during anal sex and for use with anal toys. If you have any further question about lubricant, anal sex, sex toys or safe sex, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] where we will be very happy to assist.

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