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Why You Should Use Lubricant

Probably should have thought of a more clever title. But it does what it says, eh? Like a sexy Bonnie and Clyde, sex toys and lube go together hand in hand. Poor old lube gets a bit of a bum deal though; seen as a necessary evil rather than something we really enjoy using. Let’s face it, if every part of everyone self lubricated all the time* that’d be lovely but it just doesn’t work like that.

*maybe not all the time. It could get awkward if everyone was super wet constantly. At work. In line at the post office. Etc. 

Lube is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to add an extra of dimension of pleasure to your sex life; whether you’re engaging in vaginal/anal/oral sex or just some good ol’ solo masturbation. Cheap and so simple to use, even if you think you’re the wettest you could ever be, give one of our sexual lubricants a try for frictionless fun that not only enhances sensation but speeds the road to orgasm.

There’s such a range to choose from too; you’re spoilt for choice lube-wise. Water-based lubricant is a great starter choice as it’s toy and condom safe and has a gentle enough PH for even the most sensitive of skin. ID Glide Lubricant is long lasting and has been rated by Men’s Health magazine in the US as their favourite sexual lubricant.

If you’re looking to spice things up a notch then warming lubricant is a simple and effective way to literally add some heat to your lovemaking. Durex’s Play Warming Lube is perfect; just apply and the warming sensation will increase as you move. Top tip: gently blow on the lubed areas to boost the warming effect. It warms, it lubricates, and it’s water based so you can use it with all toys and condoms. If a sweet treat is more your thing, then Durex’s Play Cherry flavoured lube is a sugar free lube enhanced with a delicious cherry flavour that’s brilliant for oral sex and is suitable for vaginal or anal sex with or without toys. Because there’s no sugar in it, it’s also safe for use with condoms.

Although most lubes can be used for anal sex, it’s best to look for a dedicated anal sex lubricant for the most pleasurable ride possible. K-Y Jelly is the best of all worlds if you’re looking for a versatile lubricant with an old school charm that can’t be beat. There’s a reason it’s probably the most famous lube out there! Water-based, pH balanced and tried and tested by millions, a tube of K-Y should be in every bedside table. Thick and lasting enough to be used for anal sex, K-Y is also perfect for vaginal sex and toy play and is safe for all toys and condoms.





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