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Have a little more fun this winter.

So winter is here and the weather is only going to get worse; outside its dark and cold and there’s a chill in the air, biting at any exposed flesh. You’re wearing so many coats that you can hardly bend at the elbows, all whist tottering along at the speed of a milk float, trying not to slip on the ice and take a hard hit to your tail bone… and your dignity.

Surely there’s a better option? A hot night in of course! So what could your evening in look like in December? Well maybe there’s an open fire, projecting a warm glow across the room. Or perhaps candles; as many candles as you can find to create ambient mood and golden lighting with flickering shadows. There’s wine, of course, in a large glass, tempting you with a fruity aroma, helping you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day’s gift shopping.

The Christmas decoration may already be up, and there’s a subtle twinkle of a fairy lights coming from the tree, and “Santa Baby” is playing quietly in the background. Your partner is curled up on the sofa, but you’ve watched these same Christmas movies a hundred times before… so what could make the evening a little more exciting?

I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed cosy nights in with a board game, but what about an erotic board game, just for the two of you? A sexy game for couples is a fantastic way to take an evening from fun and flirty to wild and steamy. Games introduce a new set of rules to the bedroom and give you an opportunity to be experimental, whether that’s kinky role play or a light spanking.

A fantastic game to try, if you’ve never dabbled before is Monogamy; a steamy board game just for the two of you. With intimate cards, steamy cards, passionate cards and fantasy cards, this naughty night in offers a great twist on the original game. Work your way around then board then work your way around your partner’s body. With over 400 raunchy ideas, your evening will hot up in no time.

Another brilliant board game, and a winner of the Bondara Sex Toy Awards, is Tease – a Sexy Board Game for Couples and Groups. This 1950s pin up style board game is great for couples or up to six players! This game features massage, sexy stories, foreplay, threesomes and group sex making it perfect for the more adventurous amongst you!

If you’re a couple whose tastes lie more with tying and spanking than massaging and caressing, then perhaps a game like Bondage Seduction will be better suited to your kinky tastes. This game will have you bound, blindfolded and whipped until you’re teased to the brink of excitement. A game just for the two of you, Bondage Seduction takes intimacy to the extreme.

If you want to be enlightened as well as aroused then The Path to Pleasure will certainly open your eyes. This exciting board game is for 2 to 6 players and is brought to life by your own fantasies and imagination.

If you want a cheeky bit of fun that’s a little different to a board game, try Foreplay In A Row. In this adventurous couples game, each counter features an act for your partner to perform. Whoever gets four in a row first can enjoy their partner performing all the treats on their counters.

So pour another glass of red, turn off the television and spend a little quality time with your parter on these long winter nights!

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