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How do kegel balls work?

Just like with any muscle in the body, you need to exercise your kegel muscles in order for them to stay strong and fully functional. Kegel balls work as internal weights to help you strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor. But before we look at kegel balls, let’s first have a look at the benefits of a strong and tight pelvic floor;

Benefits of having strong kegel muscles;

  • Increases blood flow and nerve supply making sexual contact more pleasurable;
  • More intense and powerful orgasms;
  • Improved vagina tightness so more pleasurable sex for him;
  • Improved vaginal health;
  • Recovery from the physical stress of child birth;
  • Improved bladder control in later life;
  • Lubrication after menopause.

When you consider all the benefits of a strong pelvic floor, you really should be doing your kegel exercises a couple of times per week, even daily if possible.

You can exercise your pelvic floor without the use of kegel balls, but there are two reasons why this is not the most beneficial option for a good pelvic floor workout;

1, The benefit of the exercise will not be as substantial; imagine doing bicep curls without holding a weight, just moving your clenched fist up and down; you’re not going to get very big guns. The heavier the weight you use, the bigger and stronger you muscles are going to get, and the same is true of your pelvic floor muscles.

2, Doing your pelvic floor exercises without kegel balls means having to consciously think about every repetition; clench, release, clench, release… where as if you use kegel balls, you put them in, go about your daily business and your body does all the hard work for you.


So what exactly are kegel balls?

You may have heard of kegel balls being referred to by a number of different names; ben wa balls, love balls, love beads, jiggle balls, pleasure beads, orgasm balls and so on.

Kegel balls are large, hollow balls which contain small weights; the balls are usually joined by string or a silicone strip and often feature a retrieval cord so you can pull them out, much like you would a tampon. As the balls knock together inside of you, the small weights will roll around causing the muscles in your vagina to contract and tighten.


Which kegel balls should I use?

The type of kegel balls that will be best suited to you depends on a number of factors; age, weight and whether or not you’ve had children. This is just because changes in elasticity over time can cause the kegal muscles to become weaker, similarly, the pressures of childbirth or carrying excess bodyweight can put a lot of strain on the pelvic floor muscles, causing them to loosen. This is all perfectly natural and can be corrected with exercise!

If you’re over 30 years old, have had a child or are overweight you should begin with large, light balls. You should find these balls easy to keep in and your body will gradually get used to holding the balls. If you’re younger and haven’t had children, you can start with slightly smaller, heavier balls.


Lelo Kegel Training Kits

Luxury sex toy manufacturer Lelo have developed kegal training kits which can help you to strengthen your kegal muscles over time. The balls start off large and lightweight and then smaller and heavier so your muscles have to work harder to keep them in.

Starting with the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads, all of which are 4.5” in circumference, you would work your way through the set as follows;

28g bead in silicone holder,

37g bead in silicone holder,

28g & 28g beads in silicone holder,

28g & 37g beads in silicone holder,

37g & 37g beads in silicone holder.

Then once you’ve worked your way through the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads, you can move onto the Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Beads, which are 3.5” in circumference;

28g bead in silicone holder,

37g bead in silicone holder,

28g & 28g beads in silicone holder,

28g & 37g beads in silicone holder,

37g & 37g beads in silicone holder.


How do I use kegel balls?

Simply insert the balls one at a time, you may find this easier to do with a bit of lubricant; the retrieval cord should be outside your body. Now you don’t need to do anything else, simply go about your day as normal and your muscles will contract without you having to think about it.


How long should I wear kegel balls for?

There is no exact amount of time that you should leave kegel balls in for; just for however long feels comfortable for you. You can leave them in for the majority of the day, but you should always take them out and wash them thoroughly with sex toy cleaner and warm water before bed.


How can I use kegel balls as a sex toy?

If you ever read 50 Shades of Grey, you’ll know that kegel balls (referred to as Ben Wa Balls in the book), can be used for sexual stimulation.

As you go about your daily life wearing the balls, you may experience a few pleasurable sensations down below. The balls will knock together contacting the walls of your vagina and even g spot to stimulate sexual arousal.

For even more fun, try wearing the kegel balls whilst using a clitoral stimulator for intense and satisfying orgasms. The balls can also feel amazing when worn during oral sex or foreplay with a partner.


Kegel balls at Bondara

Ultimate Silicone Love Balls – 4.7” circumference, 72g weight

X-Orgasm Love Balls – 3.9” circumference, 52.5g weight

My Lovey MyBall Duo Silicone Ball – 4” circumference, 95g weight

Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads – 4.5” circumference, 28g, 52g, 65g, 74g interchangeable weight

Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Beads – 3.5” circumference, 28g, 52g, 65g, 74g interchangeable weight

Soft Touch Orgasm Love Balls – 3.9” circumference, 52.5g weight

Golden Ben Wa Balls – 3.9” circumference, 51.5g weight

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