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Indulge in Romance

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From grand gestures to subtle glances, romance can be present in any moment if you want it to. It’s that feeling when the air gets a little thicker, you can feel your heart thumping a little harder and you know someone is putting effort into making you feel special. It turns up your senses and gives you that sensual feeling that you just can’t find with a partner who you don’t share real feelings with. Romance is the secret ingredient to good sex.

imagesThere are so many ways that you can add a touch of romance to your sex life and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to try something new.

First things first, foreplay – and I’m not talking about foreplay in the bedroom. I’m talking about foreplay that starts before you even get home.
Let’s say that you are taking your partner out for dinner. The little gestures such as a hand on the small of her back as you open a door for her, holding his hand at the table and gently stroking a thumb across his skin, that flirty glance that speaks of things to come. Keeping contact and giving small caresses will increase that feeling of intimacy without turning into an overload of PDA. It’s the slow build that will have you both more responsive and lustful later on.

l_1bb8aa80-7660-11e1-b15b-fb9f3b300002Now comes the serious foreplay. I recommend something that involves a lot of contact without it being overly sexual. Your aim is you build some serious sexual tension here.

Try running a warm bubble bath with a relaxing scent and maybe light a few candles as well. Or you can break out the massage oil and give your lover a back rub. Just include some slow and sensual caresses as you pour warm and soapy water over their skin or as you massage deep into their skin for a relaxing and intimate effect. Going out of your way to focus on the pleasure of your partner will make all the difference when it comes to how stimulated and pleasured they feel.


With the romantic scene set and the foreplay building up nicely, you won’t need to worry about what will happen in the bedroom. By that point you and your partner will both feel in the mood, closer than ever and ready for whatever the night brings.

If you are spending Valentines alone this year then have no fear. A little self loving never hurt anyone. Run yourself a hot bubble bath, dim the lights and indulge in a waterproof bullet vibe. Romance doesn’t need two people to work! You can treat yourself to a soothing, relaxed and pleasurable evening that will be more than enough to wipe away your Valentine blues.


So here’s us at Bondara wishing you a gorgeous Valentine’s Night x

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