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How to have Festival Sex

Festival season is upon us and we all know that music, alcohol and general partying makes a lot of us feel like getting down and dirty. When it comes to festivals- especially in Britain- this tends to literally be the case as everyone and everything is utterly filthy. It’s not all bad though, because here at Bondara, we’ve got some simple tips for how to have festival sex.


  1. Condoms and Wet wipes you dirty dog!

Whether you’re strictly against hooking up with a stranger or it’s 100% on the cards; pack some condoms! You won’t regret it, because we’ve all be in a situation where you think festival sex is off the table, only to find it very much back on there. You’ll be in a field miles away from shops so be prepared! Whether or not you’re planning on a festival frolic, wet wipes are an absolute must (trust us, you’ll be thanking us for this one later). It’s a quick and easy way of cleaning and refreshing yourself both before and after. Everyone stinks at a festival but let’s try and minimise the pong, yeah?23845_large

  1. Avoid the beer goggles!

We all know the true power of beer goggles and we know it’s hard to avoid these when you’re at a festival, but try to remember that all may not be as it seems! Remember that they are temporary and they’ll only cloud your judgment long enough for you to throw caution to the wind. However, they’ll soon disappear and you might be left with a deep pit of regret in your stomach. And a few grass stains…

So, to avoid an encounter you’d rather forget (or might not remember at all) it’s a good idea to pace your alcohol consumption. You could even go so far as to arrange with your mates beforehand if/when to intervene if you’re about to make a mistake.16502d1c62702d7bb5b600494f5ecb4b

  1. Tents and Sleeping Bags

Now, you may not have much option when it comes to picking the tent to have your sex fest in, but please make sure you pick one big enough so your head/ legs aren’t sticking out for the world to see. A bouncing tangle of legs is really what you don’t want people tripping over or remembering you for. So make sure the tent is big enough for you both, even if that means having to borrow a mate’s!

Now that you’ve found the perfect tent and decided you want to share body heat, what’s the best way to tackle festival sex?The best solution is 100% sleeping bag sex! Not only do most sleeping bags have a fair bit of space (so there’s plenty of room to get on top), they also split into two when you need to escape or the inside of the tent becomes a slightly stinky sauna.

  1. Make it loud. The music that is.

It may be a bit hard to get it on when you know people are probably outside your tent enjoying the show – definitely a bit of a buzz kill. You’re at a festival, so crank your music and get it on Marvin Gaye style. Make it loud and proud, but do everyone a favour and try to cover it up a bit!

Your tent is not a sacred temple of silence and privacy! Remember that someone is probably going to hear you, so just be ready when you exit the tent.

dildo sweet bags

  1. Sex Toys

We are all about the sex toys here at Bondara – but you know that! The trick here is to pick your quiet ones (because when the music stops, that buzz will be louder than you expect- especially with thin tent walls separating you from others). If you don’t have a quiet vibrator then don’t worry, we have plenty for you to choose from! Experiment with your new-found sex buddy. Festivals are all about hedonism and new experiences, so don’t be afraid to try something new like a cock ring or bullet vibe. Just don’t forget the toy cleaner!

Do you feel more ready now? More prepared? Just remember these important tips and don’t forget to have fun – remember, you’re at a festival, so party on!

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