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How NOT to control premature ejaculation

We’re a bit concerned.

Resident sex and relationship expert at The Sun newspaper Dr Pam Spurr has written an article about premature ejaculation and how guys learning to control their kegel muscles can help to prolong sex. All good so far and there’s some great advice in the article.

However, this section of the article worries us:

“*Some men find it handy when they are learning to gain control of their PC muscles to use an extra thick, or two condoms, to minimise the sensations they feel.”

Never, ever, use two condoms at once! The chances of them rubbing together and both splitting are worryingly high resulting in the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy and transmission of any STIs either of you has. No-one wants that. Now, she may have just been talking about using two during masturbation but the lack of clarification is inexcusable.

Thicker condoms, delay creams and exercises are really effective at curing premature ejaculation (you can check out our Premature Ejaculation Guide here) but please please please don’t ‘double bag’ or use multiple condoms at once. Have fun and stay safe. x

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