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How Can Temperature Change Your Sex Life

To truly immerse in the pleasure of a sex toy, all elements of sensation should be taken into account including temperature. Some like it hot and others prefer it icy, but either way the added form of stimulation will be enough to send you deep into bliss.


Elements of temperature play can be found when using warming lubricant, massage candles, bondage candles, ice cubes and more.


But often overlooked are the solid and stunning Glass, Metal and Ceramic toys that are ready and waiting to infuse your body with scorching passion.


This particular category of toys has the coveted ability to absorb temperature, allowing you to experience the wonders of cool or warm sensations without filling up the ice tray or lighting a match.


Simply fill a sink or bath with enough hot or cold water to fully submerge the dildo, butt plug or other toy of your choosing and leave it to soak for a few minutes. In this time it should reach the optimum temperature for you to enjoy and suddenly all you thought you knew about sex toy stimulation will be turned on its head.


Glass, Ceramic and Metal sex toys make up some of the most beautiful erotic items available for your pleasure. Smooth, solid, glossy and more, these toys are stunningly designed to provide you with layers of pleasure unlike any other class of stimulating accessories.


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