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Happy Mother’s Day- Would You Buy Your Mum A Sex Toy?

We know what you’re thinking. “No, of course I wouldn’t buy my Mother a sex toy, that’s gross!” But is it?

All our mums were at least once sexual beings (let’s face it, they probably still are!) with needs and desires- some of which they may never have fulfilled. If you’re of a similar age to most of us in the Bondara office your Mum is on her way- or well into- retirement so would have been at her prime during a time where sex toys weren’t as acceptable or mainstream. There’s a good chance she’s never experienced the intense sensations of a vibrator or experimented with couples toys before. Maybe she’s totally fine with that, but what about if you suspect she’s curious?

Now, it’s very possible you don’t have the type of relationship with your Mum where it’d be appropriate (or comfortable) to discuss, but there are tons of us whose Mum is genuinely their best friend. And you’d buy a sex toy for your best mate, right?

As much as thinking about your Mum having sex or masturbating is rightly uncomfortable for most of us; think about it from her point of view. Who doesn’t want to be recognised as a hearty, sexual creature well into middle and old age? By giving her a sex toy, or broaching the idea, you’d be showing her that you consider her a woman as well as your mother.

The beauty of the internet is that you don’t have to spend an awkward afternoon at a sex shop talking your Mum through the finer points of anal beads, you simply click and go. Why not point her towards our site? Get her to choose a few things that she might like then you do the ordering. It’s all discreet so no one but you two ever need to know what she got.

Still too embarrassing? How about a Gift Card? Then she can browse to her heart’s content and you never need to know what tickles her fancy.


What do you think? Would you buy your mum a sex toy? Leave us a comment- we’d love to hear from you!



One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day- Would You Buy Your Mum A Sex Toy?”

  1. …hey, I’ve been using sex toys and improvised sex toys on mums for years…especially YOURS !!… get her to call me back when her pussy heals up ok :-). thank you. 😉

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