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For the love of Tattoos

Tattoos- we love them.

Shall we just be honest for a moment and say, we all go a bit weak at the knee’s for a hot tattooed hunk or a curvy girl with a sleeve! Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and if you get it right, they can really give you an advantage with the opposite sex.

If you’re knew to tattoos and just haven’t made your mind up yet, this will definitely help you along the way, but don’t blame me if all of a sudden you get the urge to ink yourself up!

Lets get into the fun part, here’s a line up of some of the hottest hunks and sexiest girls with ink. Maybe it will inspire you…


Ricki Hall
Josh Mario John
Daniel G. Prim


And now the ladies…

Linnea Thomasia
Angela Mazzanti
Jessica Wilde

So there we have it, enjoy your day and start thinking about that next tattoo!

L xo


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