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Fetish Masks – Nice Doggie!

Fetish Bondage Dog Mask Hood

I’m in the mood to play some computer games, and I just might dig up Resident Evil and have at it again. I haven’t played that game series in years. One thing unnerving about Resident Evil is the dogs. Evil dead zombie dogs. When I watched the first movie with family, when the zombie dogs attacked, I yelled, “Nice doggie! Play undead!” The tension relief laughter was greatly needed.

So I immediately fell in love with this fetish bondage dog mask hood. It’s not your everyday gimp masks and fetish masks. This is the type of bondage gear that makes tails wag. This fun mask is made of soft leatherette material that feels light and comfortable as it sits around your head. The mouth has a zipper, and the back laces up to fit any sized head. The perky ears on top lend a cute look to this rather menacing-looking mask. This black mask will have you playing doggie and master games for hours on end. Bark! Bark!

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