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Exercise Makes Sex Better!

Exercise improves your sex life!

Yes! It’s true and blindingly obvious when you really think about it. Lets get into the tingling details and start pumping up your sex life.

Now a lot of people when thinking about exercise don’t often think of sex, or sexiness or anything remotely hot. And this, my lovely sex pests, is where you are going wrong already.

Exercise is and can be ridiculously sexy and hot… you know what I’m thinking about! That image of that sweaty, bouncy blonde (or brunette), or that shiny, muscly tattooed hunk you’ve watched many a times in the weights section. Yes! I’m in your head!  This is hot right? It gets your mind wandering and this is where we start.


Just introducing exercise into your life-especially at the gym, where you can socialise (or even exercising with your partner) can immediately spice up your sex life. Exercise instantly releases hormones called endorphin’s; which help relax our bodies and give us that feel good high. This ‘feel-good’ factor from these endorphins will ultimately release sex hormones into our blood stream, making you more responsive to sex. What a plus!

Not only this, but exercise, ultimately, will make you fitter and therefore give you more energy to go longer and give you the buzz to try more and more diverse and exciting positions in the bedroom! Those tiring positions (I know you’re thinking about squatting ladies) will no longer be as tiring, and better yet, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy them more as you won’t be exhausted. Well… hopefully a little ;).


But in all honesty, you’re not only going to have more stamina, you’re going to look amazing and feel amazing. And this is really what will improve your sex life. A confidence boost is all anyone needs to push their sex to the next level and get them hitting that climax every time!

So don’t go to the gym because you feel sluggish or because you feel you should, do it for your sex life! Do it for your G-spot. What have you got to lose?!


I’m off to the gym, see you there!

L xo

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