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Eat Yourself Sexy | Sage

For this episode (episode?) of Eat Yourself Sexy we’re talking sage. Sage was used in the Middle Ages to treat the plague, clear the head and restore the senses. Further back still, Sage was used by the Ancient Romans to increase women’s fertility and ward off evil. Although it arguably did little to stop the black plague, the Romans were definitely on to something when they used it to help women.

This simple green and aromatic herb has incredible hormone balancing properties that will help to treat and alleviate the symptoms of a heavy period and menopause.


What better boost to your body before a night in with a partner than a sprinkle of sage to deliver some quick vagina re-cons!


Ok so it might not work quite like that, but adding Sage to your diet will definitely help to keep your body in healthy working order so when the time comes for a roll in the hay, you will be ready inside and out.


When eaten raw, Sage can even help to stop excess sweating or stomach upsets. So if you’re feeling a little nervous for the big night, Sage will have your back.


Sage can be used in so many ways, but a quick and delicious way to get a healthy dose in regularly is to make up a pot of sage honey.


To do this, simply pack a clean jar with freshly picked and washed Sage and cover the herb with honey. Seal up the jar and leave it all to infuse for a day or two. Then the next time you enjoy honey on toast, a bowl of porridge or a honey and lemon tea, you can get the added benefits of sage thrown in.

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