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Eat Yourself Sexy | Pumpkin Spice

If you have access to a wi-fi connection, or if you’ve been to Starbucks recently then you will have almost certainly heard about the pumpkin spice craze. If you’ve somehow avoided it up until this point then strap in! First made popular by the delicious pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks, this flavour has become a bit of a phenomenon.


People are going crazy for it! ‘Basic white girls’ around the world are collecting up the hundreds of pumpkin spice editions of their favourite foods, booze and candies. Even candles and air fresheners are jumping on the flavour craze. Which begs the question, is pumpkin spice the new aphrodisiac?Pumpkin-Craze-634x377Well for starters the main ingredient in the classic flavour mix is Cinnamon! And you guessed it; Cinnamon is a commonly known aphrodisiac that has mood lifting and energy boosting effects.

In fact, Cinnamon oil is often used for sexual stimulation as it can cause the skin to tingle and even swell on contact, increasing the blood flow and therefore sensitivity.

A recent study conducted in Chicago looked at the effects of different scents on the sexual arousal of a group of 31 men. Lavender and (you guessed it) pumpkin pie where the most successful in arousing a response.


Next there is the ginger. Ginger is a main ingredient in the pumpkin spice flavour and if you’ve recently read Grey, you’ll know that ginger does sometimes feature strongly in the bedroom. It is also mentioned historically in all corners of the world as a well known aphrodisiac. Famously the French Madame du Barry, a head mistress of the King of France often served her lovers ginger tart to send them into a state of sexual submission.

Finally the cloves and nutmeg come into play. Nutmeg has been used throughout history as a treatment to the nervous system and to raise body temperature, whilst cloves are a natural pain killer and have been often used to sweeten ones breath.


So can we call pumpkin spice an aphrodisiac? Yes. We almost definitely can.

With the wide array of pumpkin spice items on the market currently, there is little need to make anything yourself to experience these powerful effect. Just take your date out for a latte and pick them up a pumpkin spice donut on the way home.

But if you do want to go the extra mile without spending all night in the kitchen, how about some pumpkin spice butter popcorn?


Simply pick up some popping corn and cover the base of a lidded saucepan with a single layer of kernels. Pour in a half cup of melted butter and some pre-mixed pumpkin spice flavouring and put the lid on the pan. Apply a mid to high heat and wait for the popping to stop. Be sure to take it off the heat once the popping has died down so the corn at the bottom doesn’t burn.

Then pour your hot and buttery popcorn into a bowl and snuggle up for some Netflix and chill.

If you don’t have pre-mixed flavour, simply combine a table spoon of brown sugar with a tsp of cinnamon, a tsp of ginger, and a half tsp of both cloves and nutmeg. Easy and delicious!


Or you could opt for the classic – Pumpkin Pie!

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