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Eat Yourself Sexy | Mulberries

When we talk about foods that promote and support your sexual well-being it’s not uncommon that those foods have an interesting history and the Mulberry is no exception. This berry has a long history of both medicinal use and that of a staple food.

The Romans would often serve mulberries at feasts, in Egypt and Cyprus they enjoyed them as both food and as a herbal health remedy, and there is evidence of this ingredient being commonly used in Indian culture, Japan, Africa and more.


Most notably, the Mulberry was the key ingredient in ancient tonic recipes that were intended to revitalise and boost the health of the whole body.


Mulberries are small berries that look like not yet ripe raspberries and they come in black, white and red varieties. They are high in anti-oxidants, cancer fighting resveratrol and vitamin C.


Their main benefits include strengthening and revitalising the body and energy levels, they are particularly good at soothing tired or itchy eyes, they promote effective sleep, better digestive health and they can help alleviate bloating.


So in terms of your sexual health, this tiny berry can have you feeling energetic, confident and comfortable in your body in no time at all.

Mulberry Syrup best 7754

Some easy ways to add Mulberries to your diet include eating them died as a fruity snack, using the leaves to make tea, adding them to granola or muesli for an extra health and tasty breakfast or even better, making a sweet and thick mulberry syrup to drizzle over pancakes .

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