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Eat Yourself Sexy | Honey

Honey is a thick, gold and luscious liquid with a sweet taste that lingers on the tongue. So naturally, it has become a symbol of procreation, romance and love.


Before we has sugar, honey was one of our only sources of sweetness and was therefore a rather sort after and coveted taste. Often associated with indulgence, the Romans would fill ripe dates with honey as a sweet treat, the Greeks believed honey was the ‘Ambrosia’ of the Gods of Olympus and the Egyptians would use honey to soothe pains and even prolong life. In fact ‘honey therapy’ was used at the Asklepieion, a most famed health spa in Ancient Greece to soften skin and prolong youthfulness.



Ever heard the phrase ‘birds and the bees’ – the act of pollination to create honey is traditionally used to explain sexual intercourse. If the bees are a symbol of sexuality then no wonder their honey is a known aphrodisiac.

Better yet, the phrase ‘Honeymoon’ is in reference to Mead, an alcoholic drink made from honey that is traditionally given to the bride and groom to ensure a happy and fruitful wedding night.


With all the historic references backing it up, do the nutritional values of honey prove them right? The answer is yes!

Different honeys have different qualities, but a good, natural and raw honey will have everything you need for an aphrodisiac experience. In fact honey is the only food that provides everything that a human needs to be healthy. It is the definition of a super food.


Honey is full of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals that will keep your body in good health and your energy levels high; essential for an active sex life. Studies have shown that honey has cancer-fighting properties, it is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, it is rich with antioxidants which will help against cellular damage and it promotes the healthy production of estrogens and testosterone. All these things are geared towards keeping your sexual organs in good shape and your libido strong.


Adding honey to your diet is easy. You could dollop some into a mug of hot water with a generous twist of lemon for a soothing and warm drink. Drizzle it over your morning bowl of porridge or muesli for a sweet start to the day.


Marinade chicken in honey and soy, or honey garlic and lemon, or honey cayenne and paprika. Cover roasting veggies in honey, olive oil and rosemary for a caramelise finish. In fact, a warm slice of toast with a generous spread of honey couldn’t be easier or more delicious.


So go forth and add honey to all of your food. There is absolutely no down side to doing it at all.

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